Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekend Recap

Friday: Ah, got out my bed at 5:30 am to pick my buddy up from the airport- that negro better not EVER say i don't love his behind. I actually woke up late, so didn't even bother to brush my teeth or nuttin- So, there I was with funky breath and sleep in my eyes waiting for him to gather his luggage and meet me outside before I got a ticket or harrasssed by the O'Hare airport police. So, he finally gets his behind outside with a big ass suitcase and two bags, I'm like negro are you moving in or visiting for two days? He's like whatever- I'm like "how homosexual"- So, anyway, I decide to not give him a hard time and just give him a really big hug! Realized how much I missed him and the fact that I haven't seen him for almost two years, although we talk very frequently. So, here we are- on our way back to my place, driving down 90/94 and you know this negro has the nerve to want a quick tour, so I'm like ok, whatever, I'll show you and tell you about the things we pass on our way to the crib and of course we start our first deep conversation of which will become many for the weekend. Highlight of my day: Watching my buddy flirt with peeps @ CE

Saturday: Slept late, went into the office for a few hours. My buddy from San Deigo wanted to check out this seafood restaurant so we went down to Catch35. Very high end seafood place in the Chi-town. Ah, we got there at 4 o'clock, they don't serve dinner until 5, so we made a reservation and went over to Marshall Fields to see if they had anything on sale. I'm such a cheap ass- I won't buy anything out of Marshall Feilds unless its on sale. So, anyway, I located my personal shopper- who I learned just days before put all my stuff back out- so, I'm like wtf. But, anyway, so he quickly located a few shirts and pants that I can try on and advise him of what he needs to hold for me, until it goes on sale. So, he brings me like 10-15 different shirts and things to try on, and I'm like don't like this, don't like this, don't like this.... he's getting frustrated- but I'm like stop trying to dress me like some skinny negro- cause I ain't. Well, I'm in the dressing room and my 85 year old freind Sweetness calls; I forgot I was supposed to have lunch with her today. So, I invite her to join me and my buddy from San Deigo to Catch 35. So, she takes a cab down and joins us for dinner. It was kewl, food was very good, we all had dessert, which is rare for Sweetness. We finished the evening with a big hug and then my buddy and I headed to the theatre.

Sunday: Got up early cause had to take my buddy to the airport- He's going to have to chill out with these Red Eye flights. Ah, walked on the lake for a lil bit and then took my behind back home and slept for a few hours. Got up went to the theatre, was a good performance. Ah, came back home, cutiepie called me on my way home, I let him go to voicemail. Got home, returned his call, we decided to meet in ten minutes; I quickly showered, making sure I smelled good for the brotha, and threw on some jogging pants and a tang top. As I finsihed dressing, I saw him walking up from the Courtyard, hit the buzzer giving him access to the building and put the last dab of cologne on. We greeted each other with a hug. Sat down and talked.I'll blog about the convo later- that convo needs a blog to it self.. but i will say this, we departed with a he kisses good...ok, anyway, changed my clothes and headed to an Oscar party. Highlight of the day: Kissing cutiepie.

And today is Monday: I'm looking forward to a good week.

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The LoveHater said...

Boy all them X's and O's sound more like The Superbowl than Oscar weekend! LOL! Here's another...