Thursday, July 16, 2009

Create a New World

Lately I've been battling with alot of my demons and realizing mistakes that I've made...let's call them lessons learned... I feel like I'm a good person...better than I've felt in a long time...I still have a way to go to become the Man I'm supposed to be but being there for my family is what's important to me... also what brought me back to's important for little girls to have support when they go to college so I'm here to be her rock without cramping her give her adult advice without overstepping my boundaries...this weekend I will spend time with my brother and his wife and one of my I said I'm a Man about family...its family who watch you and pick you up when you fall...its also friends who have become like family or better put who are my extended family who help and aid me when and if I let them when I'm weak...right now it's like I Who have nothing is what I'm feeling the most.... I keep my heart guarded in order not to be hurt knowing that its inevitable will happen because after all I'm a good person... and today I did something that I wouldnt ordinarily do especially to someone who really isn't a part of my life...there's this guy I know who likes me alot..we've known each other for probably about two years...well yesterday he called me and I was like I'll call you back in 30 make a long story short I never called him back... didn't intend to in the first place...well today he texted me and was like you never called me back...don't ask me how or where it came from but instead of bullshitting the brotha, I simply said "man that was my fault I was being selfish..I apologize..don't know what that all means or even where it came from but it felt right...for once in my life there was no regret, no fear, anger, sadness, there was just peace...i had told the truth for once... not that I'm known to be a liar, but I've told my share of I decided there was no story to be told...I was being selfish and wasted the brothas time....he deserved an apology and I was Man enough to give it to i created a new world...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bigger Fish to Fry

Lately it seems that I have very low tolerance for negativity or bull is too short to worry about things you cant control or to live an unhappy life. Right now a brotha is just getting his mind right...besides I have bigger fish to fry...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Building back up one day at a time

It seems like lately I'm building myself back up one day at a time--- Learning to see the beauty in life.

Yesterday I had a GREAT day.... I went to church, lunch, saw My Sister's Keeper, hung out with my lil Sis, dinner, then saw The Hangover.... returned home exhausted. It was such a great day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Long Road taken to end up right where I began

Last year I lost my job and moved to NYC. It was a crazy move and the city that never sleeps changed my life. Originally I was excited about the move and excited about being a New Yorker, however this is before the crowds, expense, and rudeness shook me from my boots! To make a long story short, I'm right back where I began three years ago...back in DC, unemployed, but happy!