Thursday, August 25, 2005

On Vacation???

Man, Ole man, ole man- where have I been- I haven't blogged in a month and sundays- lol- look at me sounding all old and shyt-

Well, the Emotionalbrotha has been on a vacation- well not really- wouldn't call it a vacation-

I mean working 50+ hours a week, entertaining your family for 2 going on three weeks, looking and getting looked at like your crazy when you tell you lil sisters, or should I start saying younger sister

- since they both have tits now and the menstrual thing-

god help me, 2 weeks and 3 women have had their "thing" at my house- ohh weee-, but getting back to the tangent, when you tell you younger sisters that can't buy that shirt or that dress because it makes them look too grown-

and the kicker is having your 16 year old sister scream in the middle of the store "at least I don't like it up the butt" to which you reply " I don't like it up the butt, I love it up the butt, and I love giving it up the butt too"- too which your mother turns beat purple and starts praying to Jehovah-

so, imagine this being some kind of vacation- not a vacation at all, but I will need one by the end of next week- and I know I won't be getting it until either the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March or mid to late December when I will go sit my black ass in the sun and drink a glass of scotch or some Jamaican rum hopefully while sitting next to or at least smiling in some cuties face-

Running Across My Mind...

I just read one of my closest freinds blogs and it was about "love" or some kind of emotion that makes one feel "special"
- I honestly try to avoid that feeling-

as much as I want it- as much as I desire and crave it- I'm so fucking afraid to really love someone again to feeel the way I allow myself to feel only to end up disappointed

- case in point-

a few months ago I met a brotha, TooBusyforYa, he's in his early thirties, kinda light skin, but brown, beautiful smile, odd but nice body, and sweet

- I instantly found myself attracted to him, I mean gut attracted like this brotha is giving me butterflies-

I mean everytime I see him, I get nervous, like I want to touch hold, kiss him, make him mind, but he doesn't respond- I mean he giggles when I talk to him, or rubs his body next to mine when i hug him, he allows me to carress him with gentle kisses on his neck, while I hug him

- but he's too busy for me-

or at least he says- Well over the last week, I've seen this brotha at two different crusing spots, and on both occasions I've always said whassup but been distant- well not the 2nd time, but the first,- I mean I call you- you don't call me back- I call u again and same result- so I'm not dumb I stop callling regardless of the gut feeling, I tell myself

"I'm not that boy"-
(I saw a performance of Wicked last night)

At any rate, so the first time I saw him after out initial meeting, I said whassup man, how u been, u know cordiall shyt and then my stomach starts its rubbling and urning to kiss, touch, feel, carress his body, so I excuse my self and leave the enviroment before my eyes begin to tear-

well the second time (last night), I see him to which affect I shocked, but shyt were both grown and his ain't my niggah- so I'm like whassup- and he gives me this big ass smile- i mix between damn i'm caught again and it's really nice to see u- so, I'm like ok, he's not running yet- but he's acting kinda strange- basically I'm standing there thinking, ok, I get it, you haven't returned my calls, your cordiall with me, but control the length of the conversation- I get it- your not interested in me- it's registering.....registering

- no it's REGISTERED! -

So, I'm like igght man do your thing- and he's like where u going, what u up to, etc. and I look him in his eyes, and I melt

- no I'm melting-

and I feel the tears beginning to form, and I'm like man "I like you- I do, I like you alot-and you know i've called u a few times and u haven't called me back so i get it your not interested"

-total bitch move- lol- but shyt just putting all my feelings out there
warning- warning- heart is on his sleave-
Suprisingly he replies:

"I like u too- i told u that the day we met"-

and I'm like what- he's like yeah-

and I'm like man this really ain't the place for this discussion- come take a walk with me-

Let's take a long walk around the park, after dark-
(I swear I'm buying a new copy of that cd- )
So, anyway, we walk and talk and I get a few hugs and kisses, and of course I really stress the fact that if dude ain't interested just let me know-
and he's like "nah, I think about u alot"
"So, why don't you call me"-
"Well I don't want to start something I can't finish, I'm really busy"
"Your busy"
"Man people make time for what they wanna make time for, you wanna know what kills me about u?- your so busy but this is the second time this week I've seen u cruising- but your real busy" (smacked that ass right there, come on- be real with me)
"I work 115 hours per pay period"
"Ok, I'm busy too, I work 50+ a week and my family has been here for 2 weeks"
"At any rate- man people make time for what they want to make time for"
To cut to the chase, he promises that he'll call me by Wednesday- I mean damn an entire week right-
-smells like shyt to me-
I'm like kewl- man ain't asking you for shyt- just call and say man I'm Toobusyforya- move the fuck on
he's like nah, were going to hang out- I'm like kewl- kiss him a few more times and he rides off-
I'm standing there like shyt- melting, melting, melting, ok, pull yourself together
note to self.........- pull it together-
-I pull myself together and walk off into the darkness-
I found myself home about 15 minutes later- go to bed, wake up at 7am, and hear the sounds of my mother having a tirade
- I guess I'm on Vacation-

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Weekly Update

Ok, my family is here, my mom is driving me fucking crazy- I'm learning alot about whats been going on for the last two years- my older lil sister had a boyfreind- they broke up a few weeks ago- both of them have Coke bottle figures- When I picked them up at the airport I was like where did all that ass and titties come from- and why the hell u wearing them tight ass jeans??? And boy, do they ahve figures- I'm like hold the hell up- you supposed to be my lil sister- you show up and your now my younger sister- can't say little anymore because ain't nothing lil but their waist-

At any rate, the puppy has been going crazy with all the traffic in the house and todat when I picked him up, he has gained about 2 pounds- he's going to be a big damn dog- and he's already biting, he likes to nibble on my fingers and yesterday he tried to bite my big toe- I was like boy chill out-

to be cont.. don't really have much to say---

Monday, August 08, 2005

Craziness Last Night-

Man, ole man, ole man, I have never experienced anything like ole BigDick from last night- Ok, how do I explain this- ok, lets start at the beginning- Yesterday, I spent alot of time with my new puppy and then houseduties, washing clothes and things- so I'm at the laundry mat and my buddy BigOleFreak calls me- Now, I don't fuck with BigOleFreak like that because well look at his name- However, I do like to watch BigOleFreak Freak, so this negro calls me at like 10:30pm talking about him and ParkDude and BigDick are getting together, and I'm like man it's late I got to work and yada yada yada, and he says what I love to hear- dude is masculine got a Bog Dick and LOVES to get fucked so I'm like kewl- maybe I'll go against the code and do a late sunday night sinning duty- Ok, so I put my clothes in the washer, run to the gas station- vacuum out my car, clean all the junk out and head back to the laundry mat to dry my clothes, I get back put my clothes in the dryer, call BigOleFreak and see what's up- I mean shyt, it's been 1/2 hour- I'm thinking yall should be sucking dicks by now- Well, ain't no body get there yet- I'm like man I'm going to dry and fold my clothes and I got to walk my dog- so I might come over there cause I'm thinking they on some BS---

Well, I finally finish my clothes and call BigOleFreak and noone is there yet- so I tell him call me when everybody is there- so about 10 minutes later he calls and says dude just got there, I'm like kewl, I'm on my way- Now, I'm like this dude better be tight because it's after midnight now- So, I park, go to the door and this cute ass thugged out cat is also waiting for BigOle to open the door- I'm like whassup man, he like whassup- we go up stairs, it's hot as a bitch, I like dude turn on the air and get a brotha a glass of water- and I tell dude to get naked shyt I didn't come over here to socialize at 12:20am, shyt!! Well dude brings me a galllon of water and a glass- and starts taking off BigDick's clothes- man next thing I know this niggah is naked got the Biggest, Fattest dick I ever seen but man he got stockings on- I'm bugging out right like-WTF fuck just happened between walking up the stairs with this thugged out cat and him taking his clothes off- well to say the least hsi dick wasn't the only thing big on him- he's booty hole was wide the fuck open- I'm talking about you could put a soda bottle up shorty's shyt- And I don't fuck with loose ass niggahs- so I tell BigOle to suck dude dick so I can jerk off, so BigOle of Course starts sucking away and he got handle Big's shyt, Big starts begging me to play with his ass and I like niggah hell nah, but I tell BigOle to suck his dick so I can nutt in his face- he starts sucking dude dick harder and harder- well I finally nutt, wash and put my shyt on--- BigOle walks me out- ask me why I didn't let him suck my dick- I'm like man we kewl- but I don't let everyone on my dick like that- I told him he could suck it but I would have to put a rubber on- he's like kewl- inside I'm like no--- especially after you just invited me to met some crazy negro who wore stockings and who u think is the bomb because he has a girlfreind- Well shyt, he must have stole those stockings from his girlfreind- talking about you met him at a straightclub- Well if thats how the guys out of straight clubs are acting- I'm so glad I don't be trying to pick them up out of there- man if that aint some craziness-

I Did It---

Ok, I did it, I drove 2 1/2 hours to go pick out and bring home a new puppy and man he is sooooo cuute! He's all white with one brown ear and man this dog is smart as hell- he has yet to have an accident in the house, he barks when he needs to pee or poop, but he's ass still stays in the kennel all day until I'm sure he's housebroken because he's only 6 weeks old. And like a 6 week old lil puppy he follows me everywhere I go or if I'm sitting and has to be within one foot of me, it's so cute-

Also, decided last night that I won't be dating or seeing anyone- at least they won't be coming to the crib because I don't want my dog to be around too many folks-
What else I got up at 7am this morning took him for a 30 minute walk- he peed but didn't poop- I then took him inside feed his behind, and put him in the crate to get some sleep, while I hit the gym- got a quick like 40 minute work out, showered at the gym, saw this dude with this big ole thang- I was like whoa-- speaking of big things- I have to blog about the Big thing a came across last night- an entirely separate blog is needed for that craziness- Anyway back to my lil man--- so went back to the crib, walked him again, then got dressed and now I'm at the office- I'm going to go home around 2pm to walk him again- anyway blog about it later

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Man, last night went to the Faith Evans concert- I didn't know she was off the chain like that and man her backup singers were blowing like the wind- wrestling like thunder and lightning- that shyt was off the hook, not to mention that I got not 1, not 2,but 3 tickets for like $14.00- Because I go to the venue for the concerts alot- So, got a great price on the tickets- but shyt they got they money at the bar because I was guzzling up Absolut all night especially after that green was giving me cotton mouth- Man I had the nerve to smoke an entire blunt before the concert walking down the street then went in the bathroom and smoked a joint. I was like whoa! And shyt the brothas were scoping last night like crazy or maybe people are always freindly like that-