Friday, December 31, 2004

Our lives are measured in moments...

Our lives our measured in moments, and sometimes them moment change your life forever. Sometimes you got to grow before you want, you got to move on.
The above quote is from a Play, by José Cruz González

In many ways the above quote is about my life. There are many moments which have changed my life forever- many of them have helped me arrive to the places I am right now- this blog spot about one Emotional brothas coming of age.

I'm currently 26 years old. However, I am not a 26 year old man; you see I am half man/half boy. My life expereinces have in many ways never allowed me the chance to grow up or move on. Afterall, I am a wanderer. I left my hometown 7 years ago to wander the world for something new, refreshing, not so stale, and I have been disappointed for the most part, or better yet maybe depressed is a better word. You see, that is the boy in me, he/I always looks on the bright side, trust and expects things from people normally only to be let down. On the contrary the man in me has little faith left in mankind. In many ways the man has become numb from years of abuse and only survives with the assistance of the boy. The man and boy are insaperable and one in the same.

The man in me is what has helped me to survive all these many years beyond my original home in a small town in New Jersey. The boy inside me is the driving force behind much of the man's actions.

It's amazing how one moment can you change your life so quickly. Years ago, I fell in love with someone. It was a deep love, a love

In retrospect what did I know about love at 16, 17, 18, or 19 years old? No more or less than I do today.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

NYE 2004/2005

Well, it's a day before NYE and you'd think a brotha like me would have a date or some plans right now. However, I have no plans and no date! The only thing I do have is the notion that I won't be keeping my black ass in the house all day tomorrow. In fact, I've volunteered to work tomorrow although the offices are closed for business.

Tell the truth, shame the devil

As a new year approaches, I think of the one thing that gets on my last damn nerve lying ass negros! I just ain't talking about a little white lie here or there, I'm talking about when everything come out these negros mouth is a lie. And I guess it's all the lies that these dumb mofos have told, which have landed me here on to bear my truth.

So, as a this New Year approachs similiar to the tsunami that killed all those people in Asia, my emotions have erupted into the blogs which will become this page-And also, my own attempts to be truthfull with myself and to stop lying so I'm going to shame the devil and tell the truth- as ugly as it may be