Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DC Pride (?)

This past weekend was Pride here in DC- the city was run rampant with any and all kinds of homosexuals and although i have never felt truly part of this great event this year presented alot of growth for me.

For the first time it didn't bother me that every (and I do mean every) type of gay was there.

For the first time if some weren't there they would have been missed because maybe I'm just so immune or really just believe in letting everyone have a good time as long as they ain't fucking wit me.

At times I wished that others had somewhat of my attitude towards some of our brothas & sisters. I say this because the weekend in large was filled with people talking about other people wither it was such and such looks a hot mess or damn boys body is banging.. or they damn are they sick?... but the one thing that worked my nerves at the end of the weekend was the endless "sissy calling".... the murmurs of "the club is full of sissies" or "they are so many sissies out here" and I'm looking for a real man..

Personally, i think to get a "real man" you got to be one but hey, everyone's ideal of masculinity is different....and I mean, this weekend i saw a few lesbians who were more masculine than some of the brothas talking bout the wanted a real man and the "sissies" better not talk to them.... i guess the weekend in a few words might be called the celebration of the pot calling the kettle black--

in the end Shakespeare said it best "if we could see oursleves through others eyes oh, what a wonderful world it would be"......

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hey, haven't blogged in awhile because been catching up on some reading... but hey if your looking for a good book to read check out.... It is AWESOME!!! Haven't read a book this good in a long time.