Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Favorite Erykah Badu Song- Green Eyes

This the best shyt she ever made... i loves this shyt!

Can't be good - Janet Jackson

Yo, don't she sound like Mike? Thought that brotha was bout to come back- LOL

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is This True? 10 Types of gays on Campus

got dis offa myspace&blkgaychat

1. THE DL HOMOPHOBE – He can spot any gay guy anywhere at anytime. He always has something negative to say to or about the gay guy, but in reality he just wants the gay boy’s attention. Homophobes are usually attracted to masculine gay men as the feminine ones will blow their cover. Also Statistics show that the HOMOPHOBES are the messiest of them all.

2. THE AVERAGE STR8 GUY - This is the most difficult type to detect. He’s the typical straight guy, he loves sports, he adores cars, he can fix almost everything….nothing out of the ordinary till u walk in on him doing something with a dude. We call these men TRADES. You had no clue they were gay…and chances are they can teach the OPENLY gay guys a few tricks.

3. The SUPER DL NINJA – This is the guy who is TERRIFIED of people having the slightest clue he is gay. He will surf gay chatlines and send people to a dozen different websites until he finally reveals himself. The kind of guy that meets you on the docks at night…you sleep with him… and if you see him in public again he will DENY your existence.

4. THE DL COUPLE – Now this is the most prevalent type of gay guys on campus. Two guys that always hang out together, they maybe work out buddies, members of the same fraternity, same sports team or school organization….Chances are if you see one the other is close behind and if you see one alone…….he’s on his way to the other. THEY ARE A COUPLE. No straight guy will spent 90% of his day with another guy unless they are in Iraq and that’s a whole nother story child.

5. MR DON’T ASK DON’T TELL – IF YOU AINT ASKING HE AINT TELLIN…SHIT EVEN IF YOU ASK HE AINT TELLIN. This is the guy in class you always suspected but never had any concrete proof to nail him. Unfortunately for you that you cant nail him….but every other dude on campus is…….OKAAAAAAAY!!!

6. THE AVERAGE GAY GUY – He is professional, a great friend, a honor student, your RA, that guy that’s in the ROTC. He is awesome everyone on campus knows him all the girls have a crush on him… invite him out one night and he comes with a dude he introduces as his BOYFRIEND………..yes your honor student is in a relationship with a man and as popular as he is he managed to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. This is what most gay people should aspire to be like.

7. THE PRETTY BOI – This is the guy that looks better than 50% of the girls on campus. He wears designer clothes, has a body to die for..usually light skinned or Hispanic, hair you wish you had has the accessories of a typical pretty boi (contacts, earrings, photoshopped). You can find them prancing around your local mall or around town. Thye are usually conceited and not very nice.

8. THE TRENDSETTER – They are the social mecca of fashion and social rituals. They start the latest trends, know the latest songs and the matching dances, knows your business before you do, and pretty much puts you out there. Only down side is that they are either fat, darker than sin and 9/10 BUTT UGLY.

9. THE HALF AND HALF – Have you ever seen a guy with tight jeans, a purse and couldn’t be more feminine and you wonder…. Why doesn’t he be a transsexual and get over with it. He wears girl jeans, a tank top, makeup and a purse big enough to fit a piano. They are usually bitter because nobody wants to bee seen with them…unless they are HALF AND HALF TOO.

10. THE OBNOXIOUS QUEEN - He greets you with a HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY GIIIIIRRRL!!! He refers to people as MISS THANG, he is the loudest motherfucker you have ever met, flirts with anything that breathes and is a club addict. Ladies and Gentlemen…this is THE POSTERCHILD FOR GAY. You can spot him on the map, his sexuality is as big as Texas and he doesn’t care who knows. Infact he wants you to know so he can have you next… RUN CHILD RUN…..

Which are/were you and is it true?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

30, 60, 90

This past weekend I went to NYC-- I was only there for a lil over 24 hours- but man, I had a fucking ball... Laughed till my stomach hurt, I'm talking bellys laughs and I just felt loved almost like a feeling of belonging... and that's something that I haven't felt in a long time.

Well to make a story short in 30 seconds the idea entered my mind, in 60 seconds it impregnanted my thoughts and within 90 days I plan on relocated to NYC.

It just seems like a good time and I would be close to two of my best freinds.. closer to my family and one of my oldest friends and would have to face the fact that I will be living in NYC and not as I originally intended to- the days of wishing and dreaming that I would be a BIG actor may be gone.... and with this realization becomes my manhood the endless courage it takes to admit that life ain't always what you want it to be and sometimes your not as good as you thought-- but i be damn if i'm not alive and got skills to get a decent job which allows me to still partake in something that i have always loved.... perhaps i might not make it on the stage but it wont stop me from visiting from time to time and living it up as the man i am today----broken and unfullfilled dreams and all...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Promise to Self

I will not live my life alone.
I will open my heart to those who deserve for it to be open.
I will not fear love... or rejection or acceptance... i will love myself and allow others to love me.
I will not live my life alone.

Hate That I Love You

I likes this song also.....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Loving this Song

Is anyone else loving this right here?

Niggahs ain't sorry --just sorry cause they got caught....