Tuesday, June 10, 2008

30, 60, 90

This past weekend I went to NYC-- I was only there for a lil over 24 hours- but man, I had a fucking ball... Laughed till my stomach hurt, I'm talking bellys laughs and I just felt loved almost like a feeling of belonging... and that's something that I haven't felt in a long time.

Well to make a story short in 30 seconds the idea entered my mind, in 60 seconds it impregnanted my thoughts and within 90 days I plan on relocated to NYC.

It just seems like a good time and I would be close to two of my best freinds.. closer to my family and one of my oldest friends and would have to face the fact that I will be living in NYC and not as I originally intended to- the days of wishing and dreaming that I would be a BIG actor may be gone.... and with this realization becomes my manhood the endless courage it takes to admit that life ain't always what you want it to be and sometimes your not as good as you thought-- but i be damn if i'm not alive and got skills to get a decent job which allows me to still partake in something that i have always loved.... perhaps i might not make it on the stage but it wont stop me from visiting from time to time and living it up as the man i am today----broken and unfullfilled dreams and all...

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