Thursday, August 25, 2005

On Vacation???

Man, Ole man, ole man- where have I been- I haven't blogged in a month and sundays- lol- look at me sounding all old and shyt-

Well, the Emotionalbrotha has been on a vacation- well not really- wouldn't call it a vacation-

I mean working 50+ hours a week, entertaining your family for 2 going on three weeks, looking and getting looked at like your crazy when you tell you lil sisters, or should I start saying younger sister

- since they both have tits now and the menstrual thing-

god help me, 2 weeks and 3 women have had their "thing" at my house- ohh weee-, but getting back to the tangent, when you tell you younger sisters that can't buy that shirt or that dress because it makes them look too grown-

and the kicker is having your 16 year old sister scream in the middle of the store "at least I don't like it up the butt" to which you reply " I don't like it up the butt, I love it up the butt, and I love giving it up the butt too"- too which your mother turns beat purple and starts praying to Jehovah-

so, imagine this being some kind of vacation- not a vacation at all, but I will need one by the end of next week- and I know I won't be getting it until either the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March or mid to late December when I will go sit my black ass in the sun and drink a glass of scotch or some Jamaican rum hopefully while sitting next to or at least smiling in some cuties face-


DizYaBoy said...

glad to know you're okay man.

been checkin' your page for updates ... been disappointed.

work comes first!

Fool That I Am said...

that's too funny! know you can't take them nowhere!

lj said...

Sister...A MESS!!!! In the store...A MESS!!!!

Tim said...

Hey man, keep holdin on. Don't let the females get to ya. We were like that (annoying) at one point or another!

The LoveHater said...

Don't knock it 'til ya try is sis! [well maybe not the first...or second time...but #4 or 5 should get good to ya]! LOL!

Dick said...

Know we know why you have so many issues. Ahem! Good luck my brotha...