Thursday, August 11, 2005

Weekly Update

Ok, my family is here, my mom is driving me fucking crazy- I'm learning alot about whats been going on for the last two years- my older lil sister had a boyfreind- they broke up a few weeks ago- both of them have Coke bottle figures- When I picked them up at the airport I was like where did all that ass and titties come from- and why the hell u wearing them tight ass jeans??? And boy, do they ahve figures- I'm like hold the hell up- you supposed to be my lil sister- you show up and your now my younger sister- can't say little anymore because ain't nothing lil but their waist-

At any rate, the puppy has been going crazy with all the traffic in the house and todat when I picked him up, he has gained about 2 pounds- he's going to be a big damn dog- and he's already biting, he likes to nibble on my fingers and yesterday he tried to bite my big toe- I was like boy chill out-

to be cont.. don't really have much to say---

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