Monday, February 07, 2005

The Eagles lost, but I found my wings..

Last night, I attended a Superbowl party that was supposed to be composed of "attractive, masculine, professional brothas". Well, let's say that wasn't the case! So, I was a little upset about that. However, I managed to get my hands on some ganja and a couple cups of lemonade spiked with some good ole Vodka.

So, here I am sitting around a whole bunch of folks who think their "masculine" but aren't and who think they professional and fly but obviously are not. I might as well went to the club to watch the game. At ay rate, the food was off the chain, so you know I ate like a pig; shyt I wasn't even trying to be cute and shyt- so, a brotha had like 5 plates of food.

So, anyway, as the night progressed my focus drifted from damn I want to be smiling up in some cute brothas face right now to just enjoy the people your with and since one homie that I knew came in the door, I was safe. Good, now they can stare at his ass and leave me alone. LOL

So, I see my homie we give each other a quick big ass hug, and that shyt felt kinda good. Ok, so you know the next thing we both do- we both look around the room and were like ain't this a bitch! Damn!! But, anyway. We start talking and shyt, you know me always the one to start a conversation up....and the next thing I know damn, it don't even matter that ain't no cuties up in this piece. Now, I don't know if it's the weed or the alcohol, but I'm having a decent fucking time. We're talking bout a lil bit of everything.. relationships, sex, selfishness, religion and sexuality, why niggahs don't know how to tell the truth, etc... Now, I don't know is it's just the fact, that I told myself don't worry bout taking none of these mofos numbers or me just being me, but we about an hour or so, we all vibed, just kick back and talking and it ain't like we trying to sleep with each other and that was kinda kewl. I appreciate that.

So, in between all this conversation, you know I'm still peeping the game. Although, I walked away from the tv once the Eagles started fucking up and refilled my drink and plate- Boy, a brotha just forgot all about watching his weight and shyt. By the end of the night, I walked away from the tv about a good 4 times and although the Eagles lost the game, glad I didn't bet any money on this one, I learned a valueable lesson. Everyone has value and value isn't just about being cute, masculine, professional, or got it going on.. sometimes, if you look past what you see on the outside, someone may surprise you by their own intelligence- now, I really know all "gods" churren got wings.... or my ass was just high and fucked up......

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Jamie said...

Yea...probably just high and fucked up - lol~