Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Porkchop Tuesday

Well, well, well it's Porkchop Tuesday. I just got done eating my lunch, which consisted of porkchops, rice n gravy, spinach and 2 peices of rye bread. I'm attempting to eat better in the New Year and afterall a brotha isn't getting any younger. This past week I caught the flu or this "flu virus" that's going around. This "flu virus" actually provided to me how I wasn't getting any younger. Although, I didn't take any time off from work, this thing knocked me on my ass, had me constantly sweating, almost couldn't see and almost, almost, shitted on myself- Now, when you almost shyt your self, you know something is wrong!

So, anyway I'm feeling alot better, although I've heard that it take 8 weeks to rid your body of this nasty lil bug. So, that means I have 6-7 more weeks to go, although I'm feeling so much better. So, at this rate, it looks like I'll be putting on sandles before I get totally better- that's unless Chicago haunts us with one of its famour extended winters. I'm hoping not. But, if it does so be it.

At least for the next two weekends I'll be spending time with two of my good freinds. My one good buddy is coming in on Friday from DC, and next week my buddy from San Diego is coming in. I know were going to have a good ass time. I keep teasing my buddy from DC telling him that I'm going to get him high when he comes, but I know he ain't having that. I remember when we were in undergrad and I took him to the bar, he couldn't finish a damn Corona and complained about tasting it for a week on his tongue...lol Wow, how things change. This past Summer we unexpectable met up in LA and his grown ass was at the bar drinking tequila shots. Can you imagine from one sip of Corona to a shot of tequila, but he's still saying no to the ganja. Ain't like he needs it anyway he's crazy without it.

All my freinds are crazy. I mean shyt, I'm insane so I couldn't possibly have any sane freinds right?

So, the week after this, my buddy from San Diego will come with lots of stories I'm sure. We actually met when I lived in Philly and became roomates shortly after meeting until one of his dates stole some of my shyt and I had to relocate. At any rate, were still freinds and love each other to death. We talk about 2-3 times a month. We both have very busy schedules but know that were there for each other. I'm sure, he will have me in stiches with his philoshophies on love and life. I'm going to have to go shopping and buy him a gift. He loves Barbara Streisand, so if she has anything new out, I'll have to pick it up for him. Maybe, I'll just treat him to go see Meet the Fockers- but knowing him he's already seen it.

Anyway, so today finds me in good spirits besides my cold and the fact that I didn't have anyone "special" to spend V-Day with. I actually ended up sleeping most of the evening away, although I stopped at the bank and got money so I could treat myself out. Guess, I just need some good ole rest. I actually slept pretty well and didn't think much about the fact that my rooom wasn't decorated with flowers and no candy boxes adorned my kitchen table. I was fine just being by myself in the comfort of my home knowing that I was safe and loved myself enough to not go out and disrespect myself. So, even when I least expect it, I learn the little gifts that life offers without there being too much thought involved.

All this makes me remember a play I saw last week called Insurrection Holding History. In the play the characters great great great grandfathers tells him, "be still, your minds always moving".... "you know nothing. you know letters on paper.. you know nothing.. i lived it you just watching it." "I didn't bring you here to change nothing""I brought you here to watch" "It ends, slavery ends" "You the proof".... we won "you the proof"..... I guess in my own little way, I'm my own proof of everything I do know and don't know and everything I'm discovering everyday while always questioning but slowly learning to just be still........ there's so much power in silence so much power in stillness, at the same time, life is all about movement. We must, I must constantly evolve, push myself to my own limits.... but always take time to just watch the waves as the rippple through the sea. Sometimes, I must stand back and simply watch things, sense things, and know that everything will be what it's going to be and that's what fills my mind on this Porkchop Tuesday.


Jamie said...

WE have something in common - I had no Valentine's Day Date...and...I had pork chops for lunch today too. LOL


SmilingOnThaDL said...

Preach on Brotha!

"there's so much power in silence so much power in stillness, at the same time, life is all about movement."

Don't i know it!