Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Growing with Pooquie

It's Tuesday morning and I'm at work! You would think I wouldn't be so excited and annoyed, afterall I worked yesterday, although it was President's Day. However as I learned yesterday, President's Day is only a day off for Goverment employees, schools, Post Offices, & the such- not Real Estate employees! So, anyway, here I am again on my 2nd day of a 5 day work week, when everyone else only has to work 4 days. Especially after enjoying 3 days of sun and fun, well not really, I do live in Chicago, with my freind Pooquie.

Pooquie is my budddy from undergrad- We met @ MSU after having chatted on the internet and learning that we would both be attending the same school. Well, you know how the World Wide Web can be......so long and behold, shortly after my first semster I ran into him and little did I know it then but we would become very close freinds. In the beginning we kind of looked at each other like what the heck is this negro going through. That may be because many people remark that Pooquie and I are total opposites.

In fact, we often get stared at while walking down the street or simply eating chicken at Harold's Chicken Shack or feeding off each others thoughts, feelings, and energy and the care or protectiveness we display for each other. We ourselves often laugh at our freindship and how much we have grown together, especially since "ordinarily" we would have dismissed each other simply because our preconceived notions about each other. I'm rather "rough looking"; I look rough, speak rough, walk, talk, etc rough- Whereas Pooquie is rather delicate- he's very soft spoken, he walks, talks, eats, sleep very delicately.

Well at any rate, we were able to get over the way we thought each other should/would have behaved and felt, to really understand each other as indivuals. I often think of our freindship as the Ramond/Kyle relationship in the first E. Lynn Harris books. It's amazing how someone can unexpectally change your life.

My visit with Pooquie this weekend reminded me of all the reasons why I love him and cherish our freindship together. It also woke up my paternal instincts. Pooquie kept reminding me he was a "grown ass man". Although, in my mind I need to look after him and make sure he's "ok". Intellectually, I understand that he is a grown man. However, emotionally I want to make sure noone messes with my "delicate" freind.

Well, last night it was very difficult for me to say goodbye to him after spending four days of spending time with Pooquie. I didn't realize how much I missed of undergrad days and just how I was so used to seeing him everyday and witnessing all the funny faces that he makes; not to mention his quick one liners- the boy has wit if anyone has it! Well, at any rate, last night after dropping him off at the airport I wanted to cry but knew that we would see each other soon and that a part of freindship is supporting each other from 1,000 of miles apart and knowing that we are constantly growing, wither we live down the street from each other or five states apart.

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ClayStarr said...

Though I am not the governor of California....know that I will be back. (What else am I gonna do with these tokens?)