Thursday, March 17, 2005

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been that I just read of the vicous/ unhumane murder of Reshawn Brazell-
my first reaction is sickness n sorrow/ my stomach is in knots and tears form in my eyes- my second reaction is that of deep ANGER! How could something like this happen? And why isn't the media covering this story so a killer can be brought to justice? Right, know I really just want to vomit- and then for his mother to say he had girlfriends and be in denial about his sexuality- envy she says- envy killed her son- Wake up bitch!! I really want to vomit. The article is entitled "Young Gay Man Hacked Apart"- as the tears form in my eyes, as I lose my breath at my desk- I find myself incredibly sad and angry! I want to strike out- to hurt someone for the hate and fear that some people possess. Honestly, I want to disappear because this might have been me or one of my closest freinds- the words thoughts,sorrow i feel for this young man is too real and revalavent for this blog to emcompass-

I hope they find the person who did this..

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NapKaboom said...

I only heard of it through the blog-circuit....Yeah that's very sad. And you remember, that other guy Matthew Sheppard recieved so much coverage when he was killed years ago.