Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Time for a Change

Ok, it's time for a change-

I really gotta change my life
I'm tired of living like this

I just almost got into a physical alteraction with my Ex Hot, who happens to be living with me- I just found out that he lied about sleeping with someone when we were broken up-

You're just too scandalous
You couldn't handle this
Give me back my rings
Give me back my things
It's over
You kept listening to them haters
So here's your walking papers

Now, maybe I'm being petty, but shyt a lie is a lie and I don't care if we weren't together- when I ask him about it- he should have said either that's none of my business or declined to answer the question- now, me knowing me, I would have had a fit, started crying and screaming and shyt, but still I would have known I could trust him- and I know I can't trust him because he wants to tell me what he wants to tell me-

Does anyone think that someone will give a full disclosure when their dating someone? Or do we (all men) just fucking lie to protect ourselves or the other person..... I'm not sure however, I know that I've packed that niggahs shyt in a white trash bag and I want him out of my house tonight!!!!

I really gotta change my life
Cause I'm tired of living like this
It seems like all we do is fight
Real love just ain't like this
Can't stay not another night
But you know you're gonna miss my kiss
I hope you have a good life
Cause I gotta say bye-bye

He going to grab my keys talking about he ain't leaving until tomorrow and that's when I stached his ass up- I ain't hit him, but wanted to I just snatched him up so he knows that I aint no punk and that I'll knock his dumb ass out- anyway, ......

(HOT) this is over
Give me my things back
You can keep the headaches
Just give me my keys back
You ain't gotta lie no more
We ain't seeing eye to eye, no more
Just give me my cds
You can keep the movies
Ain't no need to call me

You ain't gotta lie no more
We ain't seeing eye to eye, no more

1 comment:

Tim said...

Yo man, I feel you on your post. A lie is a lie no matter how small, because if a nigga lies to you once, he'll do it again, and the next time it won't be such a small lie.

Stand yo ground man!