Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Seeking the Truth #2

Ok, I'm sitting here at my desk at work- I've had a pretty productive day- talked with the Board President- set up a few appointments- haven't had lunch yet- but my stomach is telling me something is wrong-

I'm still snooping of course- and something keeps telling me that something is wrong like I'm going to find out something that I need to know and I know it's going to hurt, whatever it may be- but I need my soul cleaned, so I keep walking down this path to redemption-

I need to redemn myself and so I seek out the truth and all situations- even when I'm the hoe- so, one half of my brain is telling me to turn around because it ain't going to be good- and the other is telling me- you need this for you- so I'm seeking the truth- whatever it may be-

So, for those who have read my blog know that I'm going to be spitten some shyt once I really find out what done happened-


The LoveHater said...
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The LoveHater said...

I think deep down we all really know what is going on, evidence or not. We know the people we deal with and what they are capable of. Sometimes it just takes a good dose of reality for us to really start listening.

The Church Boy said...

Yea, real life situations produce the best damn spoken word - cuz then your passion is all up in that and you got the crowd on the edge of their seats...um, yea...feels good!