Friday, June 17, 2005

All about NEws Today

Man, as you can see today is all about NEws- So, today I read how all these states are banning pitt bulls because "every drug dealer and pimp" has one and their dangerous animals. I was actually thinking about getting a Pit or a Roiteweller-

one of my buddies has one and his dog is sooooo fucking sweet- he likes to just be all up underneath you- which is nice except when he has that damn doggy smell- don't like the way most dogs smell- shyt would have to take him to the groomers every week-

at any rate, So, check it out, I read this article earlier today about this woman who locked her son in the basment-and came home to find the boy was dead-

"On the day of the attack, Maureen Faibish arrived at the family home at 711 Lincoln Way about 3:15 p.m. to discover her son's lifeless body in a front bedroom. His face had been mauled, and he was covered with bite wounds and had a hole in his scalp from the attack.

After police were called to the family's home the day of the attack, an officer shot and killed Ella when the dog prevented him from entering the apartment. Rex was captured in the backyard and taken to the animal shelter.

The family had been packing for a move, and her husband, Steve Faibish, was out of town. Their two other children were also not home.
- I think this bitch need to leave dogs alone-

Ella and Rex II were "family dogs," Faibish said. They spent most of their time inside the house, slept in bed with the children every night and woke Maureen Faibish up every morning by licking her face. Ella was trained to lick her makeup off and kiss her ear. --That's until Rex needed some doggy pussy

Faibish said she was concerned that the male pit bull, Rex, was acting possessive because the female, Ella, was in heat. Apparently, Nicholas found a way to get the door open and come upstairs. At that point Faibish believes he walked in while the dogs were mating and was attacked by Rex.

"It was Rex, I know it in my heart,'' Faibish said. "My younger dog (Ella) was in heat and anyone who came near her, Rex saw as a threat. He may have been trying to mate. It was a freak accident. It was just the heat of the moment.''

"The police killed the wrong dog if you ask me," Faibish said.

She would never want Rex back in their house.

"Absolutely not,'' Faibish said. "I told them I wanted him put down. I think of Rex as someone who molested my child, murdered my child.''

Faibish said she and her husband decided not to spay or neuter their dogs because they wanted their puppies. She said Rex had been eager to mate with Ella, but the female dog was resisting his advances.

"I used to say to Ella, just go ahead and let him do it," Faibish said. "Get it over with.''
Shyt, if Ella would have just given it up-

Now, this story is scary as hell cause why would you lock your son in the basement and not the fucking dogs- shyt if the dogs were acting crazy them bitches should been outside in the yard anyway- what was this bitch thinking about?

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