Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not That Into Me (Piggybackin') (draft)

Ok, I just finished reading my boy's Smiling's page and decided to finally let my fingers take over all the people who weren't for me, but yet and still I continued to pursue/ waste my time hoping that they would like me or at least want to be with me for some strange reason- this pattern has been replaying time and time again throughout my life- starting with my childhood best freind, who I secretly was in love with but guess what he's str8 and just isnt all that into me now is he, the next one who comes and goes is my 1st adult "love" Livingnthedistrict who's just not that into me because he'd rather love "god" and next comes my homie lover freind LatinLover, whos was married so how in the world could he be for me, and next would be LOT, the cop who broke my heart, fucked the shyt out of me and left me like what I was a peice of ass to him, and where am I at now, with HOT, who doesnt want to work, wants a brotha to take care of him and no matter how much I wish guess what another brotha who's not that into me- what the fuck is a brotha to do???

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