Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sex Quiz

1) How would you describe your sex role? Top, Bottom, or in the middle? Vers. Top

2) How old were you when you first had sex? 13

3) Was it straight or gay sex? Straight

4) How long did it last? About 30 minutes

5) Do you remember his/her name? Yes

6) When was the last time you had sex? Last night- LOL

7) Where did you have sex at? In my apartment

8) When was the best time have sex, early morning, afternoon, or late night booty call? After work or when stressed out-

9) What is the first thing you notice about someone you are attracted to? Eyes/Smile

10) Second thing? Ass/Dick which ever stands out more

11) Third thing? The way they carry themselves

12) Have you ever participated in group sex (group being 4 or more)? Of course

13) When was the last time you participated in group sex? Been a few months

14) Which is better, being watched during sex or watching sex? Watching

15) Have you ever double dipped? (had sex with more than one person at separate times in one day) Of Course- I'm a retired hoe- lol...

16) Have you ever faked an orgasm?LOL, Nah, only women do that

17) What is the wierdest sexual request someone has asked you to perform? To piss on someone

18) Did you do it? Nah!

19) Have you ever had sex in public and where? Yeah, as a kid, in the lake, as an adult got my dick sucked in the park-

20) What is your record number of orgasms in one day? Orgasms- can't say I've ever had one- busted 4 or 5 nutts in one day though-

21) Would you rather have great sex with an ugly guy/gal or ok sex with a hot guy/gal? Great sex with an ugly guy/girl

22) Would you ever tell a lie to have sex with someone? Already done that- but I try not to lie-

23) How would you rate your sex life on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best? 6

24) Do you know how many sexual partners you have had sex with? Yeah, too many!

25) Finally did you think about having sex after taking this quiz? Nah, at work...


SmilingOnThaDL said...

All chucks, you got me all bothered at work for EMOBRO, LOL!

Yo, i hear you about being a retired hoe! I think I may have to do what MJ did, come out of retirement this summer, LOL! It's already began,LOL!

4 or 5 nuts the most? dang, you can't hang, I bust 13 on day, when I first moved into my apt, LOL

Aiight, I've revealed too much!

SmilingOnThaDL said...

oh yeah... i'm all excited and geeked you posted for entries in two days... LOL

The Church Boy said...

Whew...can I say welcome back? Boy, take the phrase "every blue moon" to a different level! Anyway, glad to see you're back. But let me tell you - The boy - he's from Jamaica - I am in complete love with him. We even lived together for a short time. We were both really in denial - we wanted each other, but he really wasn't ready. One day he was gay, the next he was bisexual cuz it wasn't as spiritually wrong as being gay - then he was straight. All the time, we were enjoying each other's company. I knew it wouldn't get any better, but I swear, I was the most optimistic.

Long story short - I'm still not over him, and he's still not over me and I haven't intentionally (LOL) had sex with him in years. We're really in love with each other - we've shown it and said it many times - but he's not good for me, I still can't get over him.

I know that probably doesn't help at all...but, it did remind me of my own situation. So, when and if you get over ol' boy - let me know, so I can do the same.

No4real4real said...

Hey man, cool blog. I just stole your post. I been too busy at work to post recently but with these bloggers you have to stay relevent. Thanks

Tim said...

What's going on man. I had to "borrow" this post from ya and put it on my blog ( Feel free to "borrow" a post from me sometime. :)

The LoveHater said...

I would copy this for my blog [yes, I'm blogging again] but it would be so friggin' boring and depressing no one would ever come back...or send me sympathy cards!