Friday, June 17, 2005

Caught/ Being Sneaky

Ok, I got caught being sneaky- Ok, my boy Hot- who I've been dating on and off for the last three years, has a "freind" named lets say Darkness, well a while back I had this gut feeling like they were fucking around- so long and behold Darkness hits me up on the internet not knowing who I am and the fact that I know a little bit about him and shyt, so I was intruiged about Darkness because #1 felt like him and Hot had been fucking aroung and #2 he got a big peice-

So for whatever reason I wanted to know if they fucked because if they did Hot is a damn lie and he got fucked by a big ass dick and my feelings & ego would be hurt- (I'm just being honest)-

So,long and behold, Darkness hits me up on BP, (got to love the internet) at first I didn't respond because felt like wasn't the right thing to do- but then after about a month or so, I said fuck it- I'm going to meet this niggah, fuck wit him, and then gradually inquire about the status of their relationship or past relationship or whatever the fuck they were doing, fucking, fucking aroung sucking dicks, etc-

Well you know I can't hold water-

So, to catch that niggah up, I lied and told Hot that I met Darkness and then he suddenly confesses that they fucked once- supposedly Hot fucked Darkness- but who the fuck knows who fucked who and does it really make a difference- Not only that but supposedly Darkness is a "strict top"- now why would a "strict top" let someone fuck them the 1st night they laid together- sounds mighty fishy to me-

At any rate, sometimes being nosey and sneaky can get you information you wouldn't otherwise get- so Do I get caught- hell yeah and am I sneaky- yes sir- so watch out cause I'll read your mail, go through your e-mail, medicine cabinet and everything else until brothas learn to start telling the fucking truth


The Church Boy said... are funny!!! You don't post in a year, then you post 18 in a row...gotta love it.

Anyway, yea - I feel the same way you do. I hate to admit it but I proke up w/my ex two years ago...I still check his e-mail. Can you believe that he hasn't changed his password in all that time...I'm loving the layout too.

The LoveHater said...

Yeah, they may need to make medicine cabinets with locks on them...!