Wednesday, October 05, 2005

While the Iron is Hot

Man, lately I've been really busy going on dates with people- I mean if I'm not with Sweetness, I've been running around with some man- and just Sunday the craziest thing happened to me- Well Sweetness and I attended a luncheon with some of her freinds, now I'm used to being the only negro at an establishment, I'm not always used to be the youngest and the most talktive and liked- I mean like the conversation on Sunday lasted for enions.. 8 non Afro Americans, all above the age of 60 and one twenty something African American man- that shyt is what I call beautiful- and the funny thing about it, is it natural- not forced or even aware- just hugs and kisses all around the room and of course jokes....

At any rate, back to the crazy thing that happened to me- Sunday, after lunch and bomb ass conversation- Sweetness ask me if I can give another one of her freind's a ride home, because dude lives in my neighborhood- Im like kewl- I mean why not? So, We all get in the car, I turn some Betty Carter on, everyone is enjoying the girl, cause she's bad like that- so, we drop off Sweetness, and then proceed up Lake Shore Drive to Hyde Park- so I ask dude, his address, etc. And you know I know exactly where dude lives, so we pull in the garage and he ask if I would like to come up for a drink, so I'm like what the fuck, after all I've been drinking German beer and Champaigne all afternoon-so, we go up to dudes Condo and he makes me a drik, you know me I'm a grown man, so I have a scotch- he has a martini full to the rim with like 3 olives... so all of a sudden he ask, "do you want so grass" I'm like what? he's like "do you want some grass?" I'm like hell yeah- so I'm sitting here smoking weed with a sixty suttin year old man- that shyt really blew my mind- along with the fact that this man is a widower and now my heart is going out to him and I think he might be my bext "project"-

-You know I think I'm an angel who helps people transition from this world to the next- crazy for an atheist/agnostic right?-

-So anyway back to the men I'm dating/ been meeting- cause yeah it's like I've also been busy going out on dates and shyt like that-

First, I've Been dating and getting some good loving from this one brotha whos visiting from DC and we also get our hug on so you know, I'm souped about that shyt-

Then, I've also, been back dating the Twobrothas who are lovers who want me to be their third wheel- like for real- like married third wheel- saw them the other day after not seeing them in like 8 months, obvious to say them mofos were trying to be shady but still spoiling a brotha- both of them kissed me when they saw me- and were supposed to have dinner with them tonight...

then there's Cutepie, dude I met at a cards party who was there with someone else, who happened to have gotten drunk and was dead sleep at the party and soon as I walked in his eyes met mine and nature kinda just took it's course although my boy said I was wrong for leaving wit dude, I'm like all I did was give him a ride home as I handed him my number and a pentrating smile that made his heart melt-

Lastly, theres SouthsideHomeboy a brotha who hit me up out the blue and we've met and hung out- he's interesting, don't know if he's on my "progressive" level but he's masculine ass hell, works, and is nice, just too damn quiet, and the sweet thing is this brotha done called me 3 times today and sent me like 2-3 text messages- (that's more attention than some relationships have showed a brotha)

Well man, someone must be throwing some steam my way because the iron is hot and damn I've been striking it

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Unconquerable Soul said...

Brother EmoBro,

Man, you are not playing! I'm glad your enjoying life. I'm jealous of all of that attention! I need my damn internet on, LOL

you know who this is!