Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Weekend at a Glance (Part 1 of 5)

Well, I'm back in Chicago after visiting my moms, sisters, grandma, & my mentor, attending the Million More Movement, a g life protest, intruiging conversation with my buddy Claystarr and his freinds (totally took me out of my element), and smiling & laying up with a cutie (who still hasn't called me- ain't that a bitch)

-So where do I start, ok at the beginning-

Well, my long weekend began at Midway airport where I ended up running into another actor and having a very good, freindly, kinda flirty conversation- but shyt I don't even know if the brotha gets down- so anyway, we talked for about 20 minutes before I engulfed my Chinese food and headed for my flight to DC. Once arriving in DC, I immediately went to rent my rental car and make a few quick phone calls before heading off to Jersey to visit my family. I ended up only reaching one person who could escort me to the mall for something to eat, so there I was on my way to the mall where I proceed to buy a pair of jeans but couldn't find anything that fit- I have to buy clothes to fit my thighs not my waist, so once you need anything beyond a 34 in DC's Gap, Aeropostale, Macy's or anything you can just hang it up and advance to the Big & Tall stores because America is now only making clothes for the belimics and anoxerics and it's been a minute since this grown man could fit into a size 32 waist.

So, anyway, I met up with my buddy and we ate and talked before I departed to Jersey to visit my family. So, I took the 3 hour drive in the fucking rain and you know that no matter where your at in America, when it rains people forget how to drive, so I find myself getting into NJ around 12 midnight- stopping by Wawa to pick up a hoagie- they have the best fucking hoagies and macaroni salad and then getting to my moms house where my sister and mom are up waiting for me- and my youngest oldest sister is asleep- well we wake her up and eat hoagies and talk- after that we ( my sisters and myself) go into their room and talk for like 2-21/2 hours, which I keep reminding them that they have school in the morning- but hey it's not every day they see me sooooo---

Well, the alarm goes off at 5:30 and their up getting ready for school and my moms screaming "get up and take your shower", followed by my little sister crying about her "hair doesn't look right" to "your going to make me miss the bus". I just closed my eyes and tried to block out the endless adolescent teenage behavior.

A lil after 12 noon, I finally open my eyes, get up dress, call my grandmother and my friend TT, and discover that my cell phone has been cut off (ain't that a bitch)- so I call up Sprint make a payment, which I discover is going to take 4 hours to hit my account and I won't be able to make any mobile calls until that time- Well, I use my moms home phone and make a few calls to no avail- So, I decide to go visit my mentor at the college and then hopefully see my grandma before I leave-

So, I get to the college, totally surprise him and we sit and talk for a while before he wants to strut me around the college as "one of the big success stories" "Emotionalbrotha was a student of mine a few years back and he's now in Chicago after recieving his Masters degree" and Is it back and watch as all the white folks mouths open wide, like amazing "an educated negro". So, anyway, we talk for the longest catching up on each other's lives and how so many things have changed (the real premise to my weekend and this blog). I look at the time and realize I need to call my grandma and see if I can see her before I depart into the night to venture into the District.

Well, I finally reach her and tell her I'll be over her house in 20 minutes. I give my mentor a big ass hug and depart back into the Small Country to visit my grandma. I get over her house and being the "traditional Southern" woman she is invites me for something to eat, some catfish at that so you know a brotha got his grub on- Well, i talked with my grandma and uncle, who is still living in my grandma's crib for a while and then departed off to DC....

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