Thursday, October 13, 2005

Clicking my sneakers three times....

In a few hours, I will be back on my own turf, thats right a brotha is coming home to kick it! Although, I haven't packed and didn't get to bed till after 3am last night, man my agendrailne is pumping.

-I'm so excited to be going back home for the weekend.-

I will will be able to see the people I love and hopefully get some good food-
My weekend will be filled with the presence of my family, going to go visit my mom and sisters tonight, followed by breakfast or lunch with two friends or my grandma, then back to jumping on 95 to go chill with the hostess with the mostest Claystarr.
- Clay and I already have a few things set up and I know that this weekend will be full of love and freindship- so the East Coast better watch out cause I'm coming home, right home, this time I will be coming home.

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The LoveHater said...

Dammit, EMO! I forgot to give you my number so we can hook up as well! You know Claystarr don't like mixin' friends, but he met my POOH when he was out your way and since you and POOH are friends, and you're Clay's Pooquie, its only right that we meet! Hope to see u soon.