Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Weekend at a Glance (Part 4 of 5)

After marching to the side of the march with other sgl brothas and sisters I found myself hungry and needed to depart from the reigns of my current state, so my boy (Anotha Poet) and I, walked down the mall to find something to eat.

As we walked down the mall we talked about the our previous endeavor and the challenge that was now presented before me. We admired the beautifull faces of our brothas and sistas as that sat, walked, ate, smile, and slept in the sun- there we found peace- with our people even though, we weren't included (per say). After, grabbing some fries and a drink we headed back towards the stage and ran into some more buddies and decided to chill out and conversate about the march, our place in the march, the ordeal with Keith Boykin, and why Erykah Badu looked high as hell on the I wanted some of whatever she was smoking... well we all agreed to depart, go take naps and meet later to view a documentary that was being shown somewhere in the city.

I headed back to the Batcave and jumped into bed, interrupting the steady thoughts of my freind and another acquantance. As I closed my eyes, I heard chatter all of which started with the world "girl".. After hearing the word for what seemed like the 20th time in 2 minutes, I turned to my freind and said if u say that word one more time, I'm going to lose my mind, (or something of the sort)- I then closed my eyes and was off into lala land... I awoke about 45 minutes to an hour later and we all departed to the documentary and then to grab something to eat, before hitting a party, which I thought was in DC, but ended up being in MD...... this is where the major disconnection occurred.. this is where my ghetto black ass lost my mind and lost contact with my freind.

After driving for what seemed like a 3 day drive, or shyt I might have just been sleepy.. we finally arrived at the party. The host opened the door, and greeted everyone with a hug or kiss when his eyes hit me, he replied, and who is this "thugged trade looking muthafucka" something along those lies of which, pricked my last fucking nerve, also considering the fact that I was perhaps the only "masculine" in the entire party. Here again I heard a lil bit too much, "girl" & "chile" and god who knows what else, so I sat on the coach and went to sleep-

When I woke up, the host obviously had an attitude (I mean shyt I don't blame him, I would have had one too, but shyt I was sleepy).. soon my freind and everyone was ready to go and we jumped back in the car headed to DC, when a fucking deer ran into the rental car...... (good thing I purchased that fucking additional car insurance).....

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E said...

Heh...sounds like you had an interesting time in DC. I don't get why guys call each other 'girl' either...*LOL*. Then again I hate it when guys call their anus, pussies.