Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sometimes something so Sweet Turns Bitter

Friday, I saw a production of Othello with Sweetness. The play was "ok", not really my cup of tea, but the surprise of the evening was Sweetness- Lately she's been getting more and more "needy" and demanding of my time.

I.e. Sweetness was upset because I was 30 minutes late to dinner and we had to rush to eat and then get to the theatre, which is across the street. 1st of all, I told her before we even made plans to meet, that I had to work Friday and that I would be late, now I didn't say I would be 30 minutes late, but shyt- I can't help it if Chicago wants to closs down half the fucking streets for the Lasalle Bank Marathon and then not properly divert trafic.

-I loves Sweetness I really do, but sometimes she works my nerves. -
-and to add insult to injury, let's rewind to Wednesday night-

I'm growing my hair out, so when we went out for dinner and a play on Wednesday, I remarked to her that I was going to grow locks. Well if you could have saw her face after I pointed at a gentlemen who had very groomed locks, you mouth would have hit the floor as mine did- especially after hearing her say" well i like your hair straight" and something along the line of "your not going to have that kind of hair if your going to be around me"

Well, to say the least on one hand my feelings were hurt and on the other I was like you wanna know what I'm grown and shyt if your going to discriminate against me because of my hair style I really don't need to be around your old ass anyway!

-"After all its just hair"-

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