Monday, October 03, 2005

Gone but not Forgotten

Yesterday, August Wilson left this world. - Everyone take a moment of silence, dammit, I said stop reading and take a moment of silence-

It is afterall, the mourning and loss of probably the greatest African American playwright and greatest playwright of our generation along, the likes of Arthur Miller, who also left us last year. It's official the man who gave us classic stories telling and re-telling of what most critics call "the African American expereince in America" through the eyes of Troy Maxon, Ma Rainey, King Headley, Boy Willie, Aunt Esther, Citizen Barlowe, Young Blood, Levee, and a sleu of other characters, who affected and infected us with the reminders of sacred blood/ youth/ dreams/ heartache and heartbreak because of this man/ or that woman/ or simply because the color of one's skin-

Yes, it is true, August Wilson is gone but surely not forgotten-

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