Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What I Want... Ok, I'm being self Indulgent

What is it about little babies and/or puppies that just make me melt inside- For the past few months, I've been thinking about having a baby or at least getting another dog- I had two dogs lst year but gave them to a buddy because I called myself moving to LA and struggling the other 10,000 actors for a job on the tube-

Well a year after, I'm in Chicago stomping the pavement, pushing 100 actors out the way for the role on the stage, commercial, or occasional movie that comes to town- as well as working a full time 50+ hours a week for almost 45K a year, not enough money for all the stress but shyt it's helping me get closer to that 100K a year mark-

At any rate, I've been browsing blogs and saw two things on Bruthafrees blog that I want- #1 A lil boy who looks like me #2 a puppy- thinking a pit or boxer- I'm going to get a big dog this time- I had two lil cute dogs but want a big dog that I can run with and that type of thing- get off my fat ass and hit the gym- btw Woke up @ 7am this morning, so hopefully by the end of the week, I'll be able to train myself to get up, eat a banana and hit the gym- tired of complaining about my lil pouch- although I love a thick brotha-

So, since I'm not at 100K a year, I guess I'll have to get the puppy because I count afford a child right now- but also looking at the dog thing and thinking about what I learned by having two lil sute puppies is that #1 it's a big fucking responsibilty- the dog will be dependent on me to wash, cloth, feed, walk, talk, and cuddle with him- and the vet bills can be a bit much- but I'm thinking I've recently opened a savings account- maybe I should open another savings account just for the dogs stuff- call it a puppy savings and I won't be able to buy the dog until I save (sacrfice) enough money to afford to buy the dog, doggie stuff (kennel, toys, food, training aids, etc), nuetering (I hate to cut his nutts off but dogs are too hyper with them), ears clipped and all the other good stuff- At the same time I have to keep in mind that I'll have to create and maintain a strict schedule-I think I might just go ahead and join like a dog lovers club that way we can take turns pet sitting- lol How progressively homosexual minded- but shyt at least progressive homo's think about the future...


The LoveHater said...

Get a kitty...less muss, less fuss! LOL

Lingo Slinger said...

I think you should move to Toronto and get an Iguana! Dogs can be bitches!