Thursday, July 28, 2005

Enough is Enough

Man, you know when they say "enough is enough"???

Well I've had enough-

I told Hot that he needed to be out of my house by tonight and Goddammit I mean it! I'm changing my locks this afternoon-

-I'm soooooo proud of myself!-

I mean shyt who wants to take care of a grown ass man- I know I surely don't!

Sowhat my crazyass is single again- but shyt it feels good to be free-

Honestly, I'm a lil scared of being a hoe and all that but I'm more ambitious about doing what I want to do and not letting someone hold me down and making me depressed, anger, or even crazier than I already am-

-so brothas and sistas watch out because I may go anyway the wind blows-

Whoa, it feels so good to finally know that whatever spell he put on me is finally broken- yeah it cost alot emotional, physically, financially and otherwise but when you know better you do better and right now since I know better- I gots to do better-

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The LoveHater said...

We are all proud of you too, EMOBRO! And if you feel like Ho'in, channel that energy somewhere else; write about it, or take steps toward finding a healthy, positive connection. Seek out an event or venue where you may meet someone for something more significant.

If none of that works, then get some good porn and try the HANDPUSSY masturbation technique!

I've been celibate for 15 months [cept a lil' head...very little!] and now that I'm dating someone, I still want to wait! Sex with someone you know and adore is so much me.

You getting ridda HOT/LEECH is an important step. You know how empty sex can be with the wrong person. Strive for more, and you will find it!