Monday, July 25, 2005

Not Enough Time in the Day

Ok, I'm at work so overwhelmed with everything I need for my Board Meeting tomorrow night. So much to do not enough time. At any rate, I've been flirting more and more with the idea of going to church or at least getting some kind of religion or spirituality- I've had several offers over the last few weeks to attend Trinity but don't think I'm feeling it- I would prefer a more subtle Buddhist approach to my life- so maybe I'll soon be singing the Tine Turner noh ya rea kah keyoo instead of we fall down but we get up like on Girlfreinds- At any rate, my mind is wrestling, my mother and lil sisters will be here in 3 Tuesdays for their 3 week vacation... I went to the beach yesterday for the first time this Summer- I know Lake Michigan isn't really a beach but shyt, the city says it is so=== I enjoyed hanging out with two close freinds, drinking some Miller Light, splashing some water, playing in the dirt like a kid, peice watching, and oh the bootys were out of this world even the ones who didn't have no business in a bathing suit- and I finished the night off with eating sushi, smoking a joint, and getting my fuck on, of what a way to end the weekend and start the week off right- and damn that ass was good- Although they came before I did, I was like whatever least u got urs and i tore your ass up-

Ah, whatelse, haven't read much lately besdies the Newspaper- these Alderman and women in chicago are putting the hit on this mofos out here- bout to have them admit to slave ties and then hopefully some reparitions for the lovely black folks who have travelled up through Mississippi and all along the down deep South to come up here and be seperated by the Dan Ryan-

Well, got to get back to work I guess- and hope I'm not too sllow behind...

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Grae said...

you nasty...tee hee hee
and I'm loving it!!