Sunday, July 10, 2005

Setting Moms Straight

Ok, so my mother calls me this afternoon wanting to know if I cancelled her plane tickets to which I told her
#1 don't you ever in your life call me at 1:30 am with your bs and drama- I don't deserve your abuse and I wont tolerate it- As far as your tickets, as soon as you send me $300 dolores in US currency , I will cancel the damn things-

So, she told me to not cancel them and she changed her mind their coming to Chicago for vacation- Ain't that a bitch-

Well, I made her aware of the rules- If you have issues call a therapist or someone at church don't take them out on me- When I go to your house I obey and respect your rules therefore when you come to my casa- you obey and respect my rules-

she then continued to go into the "my lifestyle" conversation- to which I replied you haven't seen me in two years you don't know shyt about how I live-

And yes, for those wondering I did curse on the phone --- In fact, I told her that I'm a grown god damn man not a child-

At any rate, the conversation today taught me something-
#1 noone has the write to harrass or violate or abuse me
#2 I have the right to say what I want & don't want
#3 It's my responsibilty to protect myself and live my life to the best of my ability
#4 This is my life.. no stress, no fights, whatever the hell MC sings
#5 I've found some self esteem and worth even if to an extent I hate both of my parents
#6 I'm a grown god damn man


SmilingOnThaDL said...

Right on Brotha EMO. NUMBER 6 explains it all!

ClayStarr said...

You do know however that Pooquie*Starr will cuss back at you right...LOL