Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sick of this Shyt...

Ok, last night I was at a party and my cell phone starts ringing and it's my mom- now if it wasn't 1:30 in the morning I would have sent that shyt to voicemail- Well, I pick up and she's starts the conversation with "how much trouble would it be to cancel those tickets"? I just purchased three tickets for them to come visit- so I'm like what the fuck is this about- So, I tell her it's $100 dollars a peice and she tells me to cancel them- so I tell her dumb ass to send me $300 and I'll be happy to cancel them-

then she starts going on a rampage about the fact that I'm not my lil sisters father, I shouldn't do things for them- because I told them that I was going to start sending money home every month- you would think the bitch would be happy- but no-

So, then she's going on and on about me being gay and this and that- and I keep bringing confusion into her Christian life and Jehovah is going to destroy the world and she doesn't want her kids to die when it happens and the fact that their Jehovah Witness and I need to respect that - which means I'm supposed to alter my life when they come and not sleep with men and go to church wityhh them and knock on doors- how bout hell no!!!!!!

So, anyway, she's going on and on and I'm half drunk so, I just hung up on here after telling her that when I come to her house I obey and respect the way she lives and when she comes to mine she has to obey and respect the way I live- Last night, these three things crossed my mind, of course after I wanted to jump into a whole and die---

#1 cutting that bitch off and not speaking to her anymore-
#2 I have to live my life- I'm not going to kill my self over other people's issues-
#3 I'm sick and tired of other people telling me how to live my life- I try to do the best I can with what I have


Ladynay said...

OH man! You already said it, you should respect her lifestyle when your at her house and she should respect yours while she's at yours.

Don't cut her off though, she is your only biological mother. You could live to regret it. No matter how ill she is making you.

T. Zac. R. R. said...

My family are also Jehovah's Witnesses (sorta?) So is my ex, I've noticed that they are like that many times. They expect you to respect them but don't reciprocate (& when have you known a gay man not to expect reciprocation). Because she is your mother don't completely cut her off. I think though you should stop her everytime she disrespects you and remind her that her god Jehovah (and this is to use their terms) gives everyone "free moral choice" and you respect her choice and as a 'true Christian' she should respect your right to make your own choices. That might slience the subject once and for all.