Thursday, January 27, 2005

Stop the car, I want to get out

Ok, it's 3:17 in the morning. I just got out the shower after driving home from some triffling ass brothas house where I received some medocre OR (oral relations). I'm pissed off, not only at the this brotha's medocre DSS (dick sucking skills) but at my self and the world.
I set myself up for the following bull shyt and got to get it off my chest so I can get some ZZzzzzz's....

#1 wasted my fucking time with some brotha who I don't know, but I always claim I'm looking for a cuddle buddy. (If I'm looking for a cuddle buddy, why'd I throw his damn number out the window on the way home? [see #4])

#2 empty ass "sex" I'm so tired of getting off just to get the fuck off I don't know what to do. But most brothas I meet don't want shyt or I ain't into them or they ain't into me.

#3 this brotha was a muthafukkin liar. So, I went over there to kinda get my dick sucked but then decided we would just jerk off and then I would go home. Of course this mofo got to want to suck my dick and I got to be stupid enuff to let him. So, while he sucking my dick, I want to play wit his ass, he like nah! He ain't comfortable wit it. I'm like kewl- ain't shyt! Well long and behold this mofo get's comfortable and I get a little look at his booty and shyt, and god damn I know I just started back eating pork, but I ain't want no chitterlings!

#4 this brotha was hiv+ and ain't say shyt. Trifflin ass niggah. Glad I ain't try to fuck him. Yeah I use rubbers, but damn dude- speak up tell somebody suttin. Don't invite me to get a towel to wash my dick off and then I see a fucking closet full of meds. And knowing ya know my noisy ass has to go investigate to see exactly what type of medicine this brotha is taking because of course he just sucked my dick, when we were just supposed to jerk off.

#5 so you know after learning #4, my ass is too through and I walk quickly to my car and grab my hand sanitizer, start sanitizing every fucking thing in sight, my hands, dashboard, car keys, my dick n balls (no lie)!

Shyt, what can I say even though a brotha is highly educated I'm still ignorant and scared as fuck. This is a blog, I'll have to follow up on later. Until then someone drain my fuckin tank of gas, so I can't do this shyt again.


Olgraeeye said...

People should always say's sad that people don't say anything. At least if they do, you have the option of staying or leaving.
People who are positive might be surprised at how many brothas do stay around if they are told and just take it slow but some people still do slutty things even after they've acquired it so what can you do...

Olgraeeye said...

Anonymous said...

Yo, thats some scary shyt. I hope you aiight, because I know I would feel crazy. Life is soo hard.. Why can't people be honest especially when the have a f@#$ing deadly disease.