Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Things i missed today...

abandonment- not worrying about shyt, having faith that everything would fall in place

my family- going off to college and pursuing my dream doesnt allow me the amount of time i wish i had to really spend time with my fam

my best friend- my best friend passed away about two years ago- there's not at day that goes by that i dont think about her.

eating fried fish sammiches and drinking coronas w/ my friends on the east coast

cuddling w/ someone special

being in love w/ someone who loves me back

driving to philly on the weekend

long talks with my freind in philly

catching a hack w/ pooquie and just enjoying his conversation

1 comment:

ClayStarr said...

Pooquie you know I love you! Even if we aren't in the same city and even if we both have CRAZY schedules - your life in the theater and sometimes my life is a production - we have each other in our hearts. A true friendship.