Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Pump your brakes..

So, I'm in the grocey store today, picked up some oranges, some apples, like 9 tv dinners(shyt they was on sale), and some egg nog.

Well I get to the counter and this cop is in the other lane. So we make eye contact I'm like kewl. And we keep making eye contact, I'm like igght cutie stop looking at me now, because I'm starting to get them bubbles in my stomach like I want to walk over there and kiss you in ur mouth or hug up on you or something. So, he pays for his shyt and he's out the door. I pay for my shyt and then I'm also out.

Once outside, after I scrap my windows off for the 4th time today (This Chicago weather is trying to get on a brotha's nerves), I get in my car and all of a sudden I start thinking bout this brotha. And I'm sitting there like WTF! I'm like ok, homie get yourself together! I'm imagining him following me and pulling me over to give me his number- now if that shyt ain't crazy I don't know what is. So, I'm an introspective brotha well just about 50 % of the time, cause I'm trying to figure shyt out.

So here it is... I've dated or seen/slept wit/cuddle wit two cops in the past-both were idiots. One made me feel safe like a muthafucka the other was just a wanna be dl straight married homothug (I can't stand muthafukkas that can't tell the truth and that are two damn old to be telling foolish ass lies- If one more brotha tells me that he's on the dl and he got a girlfreind and then I go to the club and see him, I'm buying an ozzeee and killing, I ain't a terrorist!)

So, anyway, I'm sitting here thinking to myself about this green eyed stranger, wait hold up, hazel eye stranger because he was a black man and I'm unraveling my lust for this man and the way in which he looked at me, and dared not to look back. So, I'm driving and driving and long and behold I get in back of a salt truck which throws a shyt load of snow and salt on my car and wakes me the fuck up! This hazel eyed stranger is gone and that brotha ain't thinking about me, so I step on the gas and move the fuck on!


Rod said...

That was God's way of telling you to stay away from cops. Nothing but trouble, LOL.


Bernard Bradshaw said...

Cops can be a lot of fun in bed. What grocery store were you at? Maybe I might now the cop...seriously. Email me at

Bernard Bradshaw
Sex and the Second