Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Poem #2- we must take care of each other

The quest for knowledge
Is avoiding insanity
N ya see the one problem is
I have always been nosey
So this quest for knowledge has sometimes put me in a place/a corner
Where no one else sees/feels/hears or relates to
They call them selves
But I call them men
I look at this men
knowing what I know, but wouldn’t have known what I know
if I hadn’t been nosey n the first place
I see pain/shame/dignity/strength/sex/love/hurt pain/trust/distrust/ & fear of betrayal
These men speak/write/sing/dance/walk/stroll/ their truths
While others selectively
Reveal their inner truth or should I call it fear
Fear might be most appropriate
B/c it is fear I expereince when I look/see/sense/hear/taste/touch/or discovery
That one of these men are hiv+
My heart flutters/my bones shake/ my breath is short/ my mind divulges into painful memories of where perhaps even I wasn’t safe
& shyt sometimes I think I’m going to faint
becuz they say that 1 in 3
men who have sex with men
consider ur self whatever u please
r infected with this virus
they r/ nah/ we are
in the board rooms/classrooms/restrooms/bathhouses/house parties/sex parties/buses/trains/planes/Africa/indoseia/asia/
Next door/down the street/on the block/ rocking children to sleep
These silent soldiers
Fighting against disease
Rarely do we hear the moans, see the scars, the lesions, that are words have inflected upon those with this syndrome that was acquired and is taking over their human bodies
Too often we just about and see people with A I D S, but really is it never SAID
that ignorance kills people off more than the virus……
that words hurt
the words n actions bring turmoil to ones soul
ya see
we must educate
become aware
and love one another
it is essential that we take care of each other
to my brothas n sistas
with this virus that scares me
I suffer from my own ignorance
Please forgive me

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