Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigrant "Day of Absence"

While not the most "original" idea, today marks immigrant day of absence day- According to continous faxes and news threads of the net, my understanding is that today illegal immigrants and their supporters are staging walk-outs, calling off from work, and protests- now if anyone is a theatre buff like myself we all know that Douglas Turner Ward wrote a play called day of absence where all the negreoes disappear. So- this is not new or "original" but at the same time proves to be interesting.

So, is anyone planning on participating in the protest?

Yeah, and before I forget not only our "immigrants" borrowing from "Day of Absence" so is E. Lynn Harris, hes next book deals with a Homosexual "day of absence" in the church, again not the most original but wouldn't that prove interesting if it really happened in real life, I wonder how empty each church would really be if all the non hetero brothas and sistas kept they ass home, all on the same day... things that make u go hmmmm....


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Ladynay said...

Forgive me for being sterotypical, but the choirs would SUCK if all the homosexual beings didn't show direction, no nothing! LOL