Monday, April 04, 2005

Should i Leave or Should i Stay?

For the past few days, I've been thinking about making a drastic life change- one which will impact my ability to date, pay rent, eat, and maybe sleep more or less- At any rate, it's about my own peace of mind. In many ways, I feel a little on the crazy side because I just made the decesion to take on a new job- one at which I've only been working in my new capacity for a little over 60 days. On my hand, I love not having to worry about paying my bills, buying a new outfit once in a while, and calling my momma and not worrying about long distance. However the down side is that fact that people think they can talk to me any kind of way, disrepect me because their "paying my salary" or simply be a fucking nuisance.

Well, Right now, I'm simply not feeling it- I'm not feeling the struggling actor thing- but I'm also not feeling being bored to death or a 9-5 with Evening Meeting becoming my life-

So, what does a brotha do- should I stay or should I go????


Ricky said...

Follow your heart man. I want to say more but I am at my computer at work. So I will wait til I get home and post another comment.

ClayStarr said...

you should set up a conference call with Pooquie*Starr

The LoveHater said...

I say do what makes you happy, it's all about YOU, but now that you've realized your predicament, this is the time for you to come up with an exit plan. The last thing you want to do is get out of a bad sitch' and into a worse one. Start looking for your dream job, something that will make you happy and keep you afloat financially. Hell, take a leave of absence to find that new gig, then resign when you do!

Emotionalbrotha said...

thanks everyone- and Pooquie Starr thanks for the conference call last night..

Anonymous said...

You should work on building up a "fuck you fund." That way when you get tired of a job, you can just say "fuck you" to a job and not have to worry about paying those bills for a while.

But please don't quit a job until you find something else. And don't take things that people do and say as personal. Just shake that shit off your shoulder and keep making that money. Everyday I have had to tell someone "fuck you" or "kiss my black ass." But it was always in my head.