Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Frustration with My Ex

Ok, so I backslid- went back to shacking up with my Ex Hot- it felt good for a minute but it's the same script/ same cast/ same issues/ same problems

I just got back to work from my lunch break, I went home to eat- I mean I live all of 7 minutes away from my job, and I open the door there is my Ex making me a sandwich in his pajamas and Judge Judy is on the tube- I'm trying to enjoy my sandwich but I'm so disgusted with my ex's "going back" behaviors- It's like were a couple all over again- and we AINT a couple- were just laying up and fucking- but it's like last year all over again- me coming home from work or school and this brotha laying up in the crib, playing on the net or making me sandwich and then playing on the net or watching Judge Judy/ Jerry Springer/ Peoples Court in short TRASH!!! All fucking day! Now, I know a last week I wrote about how I wanted to quit my job but not to stay home and sit on my ass ALL FUCKING DAY!!! To be happy and more productive-Well, I don't know if this brotha is depressed and just lazy as fuck-- all I do know is that it's time for his ass to go- and this is the kicker the mofo ain't brushed his teeth since he woke up- when i ask him did he brush his teeth he said nah, i will when i get up- i aint been in nobodies face- i was like wtf it's about taking care of yourself- to which he replies that i need to shave or trim up my beard- and you know i'm like muthafucka least i got a job- and i'm going to the barbershop they can trim it up- I really need to talk to my barber about giving me this one week haircuts-

Ok, back to the subject at hand- your problem asking your self why am i being bothered-
well honestly- i love the brotha- he's met my family and they actually like his black ass- the sex is the bomb and I've allowed myself to feel again and actually be honest about majority of the things that I'm thinking and feeling although, ain't like i cant find someone else who I will allow myself to be honest with or have even better sex- or who has a job and doesn't think their shyt doesn't stink..or that their god's gift to the world-


The LoveHater said...

HOT...that don't stand for HOT MESS do it? LOL...And I don't know if I could eat a sammich made by someone with a dirty mouth...hell I woulda asked "Did ya wash ya hands?!" I don't know how ya'll roll but I'm sure his hands were in some deep dark places last night! LOL. Tell him if he's gonna stay he's needs to at least be clean!

Anonymous said...

Stop right there!!!
Dirty niggas fuck the best...don't make that nigga wash shit and when you feel like you've had enough go outside...scream, cut, stab and kill...then when you've cooled off go back in the house and get sexed...lol...I'm kidding but seriously just let him know before it builds up and you really hurt his feelings.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about stanky broke niggas but they can sex some shit up...I dated this guy once who had HORRIBLE breath...I didn't even wanna kiss him but when the lights went off he had me praising his name so I know its hard to get rid of someone who got you dick-sprung but believe me when you find a clean nigga with a job and a car and he can lay pipe for days...that stank nigga will be nothing but a humorous memory

Emotionalbrotha said...

TLH- HOT is not for Hot as Mess- silly ass- it's part of his screenname I.E. "HOTASSBROTHA"

Ok, maybe I wasnt clear when I was writing this blog, the brotha isn't dirty like doesn't wash bathe in a few days it was this particuliar day that just set me off- he normally bathes and just lays around my aptment and watched tv or whatever the fuck- at any rate, the brotha is very clean- I wouldn't have it any other way- don't fuck wit dirty negreos- he actually keeps my crib clean, cooks, and takes care of stuff- I just ain't looking for a housewife.


just passing through...interesting blog.

SmilingOnThaDL said...

EMO, I was about to say you like dem dirty niggras, lol. Definitely feel you about not wanting a housewife. Lets both bring home the bread!