Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Random Things About Me

I copied this idea from another blog, but hey----

10 Things about Me
I'm Black
I'm Not Heterosexual
I'm Romantic
I'm a country boy with City Dreams
I love Hard
I love the Movies: Closer, The Color Purple, Antowne Fisher, & Ghost
Most people think I'm "hard" but I'm very sensitive
I'm a poet
I got shot two and a half years ago
I have few freinds, but those I have are close freinds

9 Ways to Win my Heart
Send me Flowers
Accept me as I am- help me to grow without trying to change me
Be progressive
Be honest- no matter how I react
Let me know that you love me- let me know how u feel about me
Call me just because
Hold me when I cry
Make me feel special even when I don't feel that way
Make me laugh

8 Things I want to Do Before I die
Deal with my issues
Fall in love fearlessly
Travel to a few Distant Countries
Have a child
Learn how to forgive
Meet more good freinds
Publish a book of Poetry
Perform on Broadway

7 Things I believe In
Beating the Odds

6 Things that get me Mad

5 Things I'm afraid of
Being Murdered/ Abused
Getting my heart broken
Not making the most out of my life

4 Of my Favorite Items In my Room
My poems
Pictures of my freinds
My music collection
My bed

3 Things I do everyday
Brush my teeth
Wake up

2 Things I need to do right now
Get some work done

1 Person I want to see Right now
My best freind who passed away two years ago- not a day goes by that I dont want to talk to her


SmilingOnThaDL said...

EMO, as alway's I feel ya, bruh... oh yeah, I'm stilling this...

Ricky said...

Man I like the whole "random things about me" list. Kinda making me want to create my own blog and do a list of my own about myself.

disgruntled said...

Its interesting how people you don't know worlds away can be so similar to you. Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Do you really wake up every day?