Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Twist & Turns of My Life (draft)

Well, where do I start- let's start with the postive things- Yesterday I got my first Pedicure! The Chinese lady at the salon worked the hell out of my feet and calves while the Electroni massage took me off to some never ever land. I felt like the white lasy in the Calgon take me away commercials. I also got my first Manicure; Originally I just went in to soak my feets but since my Ex's interview was taking FOREVER- I said what the hell, go on and get all this dirt out of my nails also- I was truly PAMPERED!!! Chinese people can be so helpful especially when their just not making your food- Ah, whatelse... My job has actually become tolerable so maybe I won't be quitting as soon as I thought- I think a big part of it is I just don't let folks work my nerves that much anymore, besides what's the use of having high blood pressure, high cholestorel, & diabetes-

I only went in for the pedicure while waiting for my Ex to finish with his interview- well the negro took over two hours so I went back in and let them give me a manicure also- I was pampered for over an hour for about $25 bucks- not bad if you ask me- Also, I got the time to just let loose, let my mind go for a while and not worry about anything- not my crazy ass Ex, not my job, my career, my weight, my intellect, my dreams/ aspirations, family, freinds, my looks, NOTHING! Just let go and relaxed.

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