Friday, October 20, 2006

T.R. Knight comes out the closet

Damn, I just read an article that one of the actors on Grey's Anatomy has come out the closet. Now, why can't some cute black actors do that?

What would happen if lets say Shemar Moore or Boris Kodjoe (cause he's cuter) came out the closet, how would you feel.. how do you think the black community would react?


Ladynay said...

It will be all over the media for a little while then die out...

There is no need for Shamar to come out, he is saying it loud and clear with his mouth closed! LOL

Anonymous said...

When they come out- then what? You want to know who they slept with or their medical records? Can't people have a private life to themselves?

E said...

I'm with ladynay on what'll happen.

In the meantime, I actually agree a bit with captain but only to a degree. The difference between regular folks and celebrities is that..well they're celebrities...unfortunately folks want to know everything about them. Occupational hazard.

As for the guy on Grey's Anatomy coming out. I had a feeling he was gay. My gaydar may be faulty but something about him pinged it big time.