Friday, November 03, 2006

Week of Absence

Damn, it's been just about a week since I've blogged... so much has happened within this past week, that I started over four blogs, but they all ended up not being what I wanted to express right now... I wanted to express me.. and my view of exactly who I am has changed over the past week... I realized that I need some type of spirituality in my life, so I've decided to once again study Buddhism, and will make it to the Buddhist Temple next Tuesday to learn how to chant. I think it doesn't even have to be said that my mind moves entirly too fast and some peace is much needed in that arena. I also visited a spiritual healer and learned that not only am I repressed this much I knew, but I have an enourmous amount of anger and rage pent up in my body, so next week I will be taking up boxing, wrestling, or some other kind of rough contact sport... I need to work it out... or as the spiritual healer said "you can't live with that"... although I have been.. but A change is going to come.... I also spent a great amount of time with ShortandCute... I swear were going to end up fucking... I'm soooooo attracted to hear and she's so easy to talk to.. it don't make no damn sense.... WEll, I'm going to go back to eating my chinese food and drinking my glass of white wine.. yall be safe have a good weekend and peace to everyone,..

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