Sunday, October 01, 2006

Major Tude

Right now, I got a major tude! This morning I went through my quarterly bill review process- this is a process I do every quarter, which means I read all my non bills that need to been paid mail and file them in my filing cabinet or I write letters to the assholes who claim I owe them money or who keep harassing me although, I've paid them and have the check and certified mail receipt to prove the recieved it.

Well today, I read over all my consolidation information in regards to my student loans and I can't believe these muthafuckka going to put me on a replayment plan that will give me thrity years to pay them their sorry ass money back, yet will also give me the oppornuity to pay them over twice as much as I borrowed. So, you know I am P I S S E D!!!!!

I done went over my budget for the 40th time, and I will now pay these muthafuckas double payments for the next few years and write them a letter to put the overpayment amount towards my prinicipal balance and don't be putting that shyt as a pre-payment.

Why and the fuck would they put it as a pre-payment anyway? Well, why not... keeps me paying for fucking ever right? And I can't be 58 years old talking about I finally paid off my student loans. I mean how the fuck am I going to buy the house if I'm paying student loans for 30 years???

It's a fucking trip.... so I will say this, to yall whos going to college watch the loans you take at, cause u will have to pay them back and they going to try and fuck u hard.. and it dont feel good.


Anonymous said...

The educatational and federal logic is that you will make a "comfortable" to "significant" amount of money to repay sooner, after working your field and using their degree you have earned.

Emotionalbrotha said...

Well obviously, their logic is way the fuck off!!