Monday, October 16, 2006

various poetic thoughts

some of us choice to remain in the closet.
we allow fear to silence and immobilize our lives. but i have to move. i can't stay defined in one expereince.
for long.
i urn for the greater things in life.
n no amount of fear will silence me.

u logged on. posed as a gay man. to lure another gay man into a park.
u four white men. him- one black man. 5'7. 145.
was there even a struggle. or was it easy to beat him. 4 u to think that is was the end of the slavery n u just had to get ur last whips in. how was it.

then he got away. ran ito traffic they say.. n was then hit by a car. STRUCK.. star struck. thats what alot of us are. hiding. making love at night. with the lights off. dark. we want it so dark we dont see. we only see each others teeth as we grunt ourselves into extasy. why is it that this is how it is to be.

first rashawn. now.u. tomorrow maybe me. and even before rashawn there.were.others. when is enough- enough.

the revolution will not be televised. our deaths. will. not. be. in. vain.

we must fight back. to take back the right to be human.


i'm filled with anger. n sadness. and confusion. as i light the joint, put my head to the back as u kiss me passionately. deeply. ur tongue tickles mine. n then i don't hear from u in two days. after u've wetted my palate with ur sweet kisses. laid against ur soft skin. melted within ur arms. n now ur gone. it's reality. it's real/ it's true. but it ain't fair. i want to love u. for u to love. me. but i don't.even.know.u.
ur just a fanatasy within my head. ur touch is the touch i urn for. the touch that sends me to chatrooms. because without it i'm lonely.


Ladynay said...

Not sure how to comment, interesting how you put that together. Is this about the guy they just took off support in NY?

Lady J said...

You got me with this one even though this one left me feeling sad and blu. Just remember always be urself, it's easier that way.

LUVIN ME said...

That was so sad...Kind of dark, but it's good you got it out.