Friday, October 13, 2006

Annual Dr. Visit's and other Crazy thoughts

On Wednesday I went for my second Doctors appointment of the year. I always make sure to go to the Doctor's Office at least twice a year and since it's been almost 8 months, I decided it was time to get a check up.

The receptionist as always made me mad, they took too damn long and than sent me to the first floor to register. I told her, it would have been helpful to tell me that when I made my appointment.

At any rate, than the nurse finally sees me and she's talking that "I've been in America but still have my Asian Accent shyt". I ask her about flu shots, they don't have any but I can go to Walgreens and get one. I looked at her like she was crazy. I said I just paid a $20.00 co-pay and my flu shot is included with those monies.. so, yall better have a flu shot next time I come in here. She looked at me like ok, whatever "give me uya arm Mr. Emotional" She then stuck the thermometer in my mouth as she continued to talk so I couldn't answer her. I was like Ok, Kim from Ms. Saigon with a nursuin degree, you damn well I can't answer you and get my tempearute taken at the same time.

But, whatever, I finally got in to see the Doctor. He asked me what was wrong, why had I come. I explained that my ear was hurting me again and was here for my check-up. He weighed me, told me I lost 12 pounds and than told me that I needed to lose some more weight cause my target weight is 165 lbs. I looked at him like he had ten eyes. I mean ok, #1 I'm African American and I'm 5'10. But 165 is weighing too little. .... I know this because I used to be 165, and although you couldn't tell me a thing at the time.. I look back at the pictures and I look like one of the starving children in those Ethiopa save the children commercials.. sickening... so I told him, listen my goal is to get down to 190, thats about it... he said ok kewl.. 185/190 is realistic for you... I smiled and gave him a yeah that's compromise look...

So, then he hits me with "Mr. Emotional, last time you were here your cholestrol was very high and i want to put you on some medication for this".. I was like what... Hey, lets do this send me back down for a new test and than if it's not better you can give me a "make me better/ fix me" pill.... In the meantime, I'll really have to hit that treadmill a little harder because I can't be under thirty having a heart attack.

So, he explained to me about cholesterol and the fact thats it diet based and/or genetic. So, I have to once again alter my diet, which I have already started and will get these pounds down... it's funny how after five years of becoming something/ someone that everyone else wanted -you just now want to be yourself... Right now, even in the throes of the comments regarding my fro.. i just want to let it fro out and get in shape.. I'm bringing the 70's back..and they don't know how to act... yeah. it's a fact.. emotionalbrotha is bringing it all back.... dadda... da.daa.da

Anyway..... so, I have to cut down on meat... in specefic my Wild Wednesday Popeyes Chicken night, where I endugle in 6-8 peices of delicious Popeyes Chicken.. I can now only have about one or two peices.. well my stomach will thank me later... cause I got to abort this little baby I was I only look like I'm 3 months pregnant now.. the bike and treadmill kicked the 6 month pregnant stomach down.... hahahah....So, I can't eat some many eggs no more, or lunch meat, or cheese or Popeyes.. and my meat contribution have to be no bigger than a deck of cards.. ha, good luck on that one.. but like i said I can't be having no heart attack so..... Why do I feel like animals are evil??? Or should we even be eating them in the first place, they cause so many problems.. high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholestorol.. maybe we're all supposed to be vegetarians like the Apes and monkeys we evolved from..... just a thought... please don't get ur panties or boxers in a bunch... but seriously.. maybe just maybe we need to stop eating our family members.... just "eat" the kinds of meat that we can't digest.. ain't nothing wrong with pussy juice and u ain't never heard someone dying from eating no kitty kat or enjoying some good dick.... so hey, maybe I will have to get my protein from other sources.. of course than my teeth would be so sharp... and we never know when we will need them to do a Mike Tyson on anyway.. my thoughts are colliding so I will day adieu and holla at ya later... love peace, maturbation and no feces.... LOL...

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Ladynay said...

Glad the Dr. appt went okay. Most folks get the you need to lose weight speech from the folks with the letter behind there name.

6-8 pieces of chicken? Fried Popeyes chicken???? Oh my I thought I was bad! There ain't nothing wrong with eating our animal cousin, the cow, the pig, the fish and so forth...

Nothing wrong with "eating" the other stuff either if you get down like that.