Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sleep Walking??

So, yesterday evening I ran into Cutebutstr8, (see post Dreams or Nightmares and why am I having them...) and we talked for a LONG ass minute. After the conversation, I realized that I'm kinda attracted to dude but than I'm kinda not! Sometimes, I look at him and I'm like damn he a cutie but then other days and times like last night, I was like he's kewl to talk to but ain't shyt going on... Anyway, talked to dude for a long time and I had my dog with me, so we let the dogs play together while we talked had to be like close to an hour.... and were supposed to hang out at some club soon.. he knows someone who works there who can hook us up on drinks too... so.... but I'm confused cause I kinda think I should tell dude that I'm gay to avoid any confusion but then I look at it like ain't none of his business and I really aint trying to holla at him anyway.. or am I? And I just dont know it.... How do you holla at someone u aint really attracted to? And I think or I've told myself to just back up off the brotha... be respectful and shyt.. and thats alll... but ain't nuttin wrong with hanging out with dude right?

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Ladynay said...

Nothing wrong with hanging out