Thursday, June 29, 2006

Angry Brotha

Man, I normally hate putting people on blast but there is one blogger who is working my fucking last nerve.. he is The the Captain is supposedly against same sex marriage and from his comments I take it not very fond of "gay" folks yet and still he reads my damn blog and makes the most outrageous comments..

I look at it like this, if you doing something and I don't liek it I'm going to stay on my side of the bloggsphere and let you do your shyt somewhere else not constantly leave u comments about how ur opinion sucks...

opinions are like assholes everyone has one and everyone is entitled to one..

but yo Captain... in regards to some of your comments..

Excerpt from Captain's blog today:
"why is gay men so perverted? We all know that gay men are the most sexual beings without any control over sexual desires and promiscuity. In addition, gay men have the lowest relationship vitality rate than any other couple combination. However, gay men aggressively seem to make everything sexual, and involving sex into everything they think, feel or discuss.Why must gay men be so sex-driven in all they do?"

Actually, gay people are no more sexual than heterosexuals.. loook at Mardi Gras... when all the hoes and non hoes are showing their titties and getting gang banged why are you smiling?? but when "gay" folks want to display or assert their sexuality it's a problem....

Yo, in regards to lack of relationships... theres a whole bunch of mofos scared to come out the closet because of comments and minds like yours... but i know some folks in relationships.. i know some not in relationships.. compatibliity is a muthafuckka.. but lets take all the financial , moral, emotional, spiritual, and communial support from heterosexual relationships and see how ling they last? Why don't most "gay" relationships last... well finances, in/out status, sexual preference, masculine vs, feminine, compatibility, no familiar support, most of us our still in the closet, or too far out of the closet... shyt can some of us just grad out clothes and get dressed in front of the mirror...

but check this out, when same sex indivuals can walk down the street holding hands then you will see an increase in same sex relationships... i'm sure their out there obviously u just cant see them... perhaps their afraid of your fiery tongue.. i for one, am not... However, to my other brothas and sistas I know that Being "gay" ain't easy... and dammit I ain't smiling when I say that shyt either.. sometimes I want to cry a thousand tears because people are so hateful, but I choose to just live life..

and honestly, when you look at it, we just need to get over other peoples issues and live our damn lives because most "gay" folks I know don't really have a problem with being "gay" they have a problem with other people's reactions to them being "gay".. and Captain your attitude
is fucked up!!!

but yo, got a question for you If "gay" people bother you so much, why be bothered with us?????

Also, question for the other bloggies, if your "gay, what would you do if you were hetero.. and if your hetero what would you do if you were "gay".....??????

Would you tell or would u be in the closet... and hwo do u think u family would react? How much support do u think u'd get?


Cash S. said...


"but yo, got a question for you If "gay" people bother you so much, why be bothered with us?????"

You can probably come up with the answer to this. Just take a second and think about it.

4GOTTEN1 said...

most "gay" folks I know don't really have a problem with being "gay" they have a problem with other people's reactions to them being "gay"

This is Me.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem in you choosing to live as a gay man. Even myself, a successful black male in Chicago, so happen to be attracted to men, have participated in this lifestyle.

However, I am pursuaded, that after all the pride parades, fighting "gurl" power conferences, seminars, and fundraisers, after the 69 break-up because some guy wants to cheat, it could be that this lifestyle was never blessed to be accepted into society.

That is where I turn my attention on what does God want us to do for him with our lives. Evidently, I am not pushing Christianity on anyone. However, I have to take that as the basis to start asking and answering these hard-nose questions.

This lifestyle, is full of misery. Why? How come this lifestyle has NEVER been accepted since the beginning of humanity? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Emotions aside, we have to accept and deal with the truth...not our opinions!

Emotionalbrotha said...


What in the world are you talking about? The greeks and Romans were bisexual and gay. In African civilizations the older men always had younger lovers, it's actually how young men learned to love women. Dude, you need to do some research (outside of the bible I might add). But yo learn to love urself and stop worrying about society and other people and their opinions and actions... because right now it seems like u fit right in with the peeps that are worried about people's reactions to them being "gay" and not being "gay" at all. Man, for real... i feel for u, cause it's like for whatever reason u haten on ur self and all in the name of "god" or religion or whatever...

Christianity also supported and said that it was ok for blacks to be slaves and to wash white folks clothes and pick they cotton for years... so what about Christianity?????

Christianity is and Christianity ain't... in the end... it don't matter... yo learn to be free... be u cause I'm going to be me...

Anonymous said...

Does it make any sense that in African early civilizations older men slept with younger men to "learn" how to love women? That is far fetch, but no real support of that theory. Even if that theory was true, the ultimate love of expression was to build societies and that can only be done with a man and woman. Maybe the older men were teaching younger men to be a MAN to their wife or multiple wives and household. Again, this only proves that gay men always try to pervert history by adding subjective theories that are not fully supported.

Weather the Greeks or Romans were bisexual, the possibility is there. However, their main concern with the preservation of power, wealth, and posterity. Even the proclaim gayest of them all had wives and children!

I spent a LOT of time studying from different resources and never found any substantial evidence to support these theories. In philosophy, the premises we follow is that we cannot believe anything without adequate proof (Paraphrased.)

I am not so concerned with how society views me. However, society has the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to comment and uphold social norms, morals and behaviors that is acceptable for everyone. Unfortunately, the gay lifestyle is the most deviate sexual orientation that can ultimately destroy posterity, pervert sexuality and distort the natural and true course of humanity.

I am not just studying the theology and Christianity. My persuasion is in combination of various avenues. Diametrically, the bible is a well-appointed guide of teachings and life-learned lessons of true spirituality and love towards us from God. In God, there is love, but we seem to loose focus on how the love is expressed towards us and our response to Him. I do not hate myself or hate gays, just that I know this lifestyle is ultimately destructive and no good thing can come from it.

That Dude Right There said...

When Captain comments on my blog, I just delete his comments.