Saturday, June 24, 2006

I love this man

I swear I LOVE this man. Today, I checked my mail and there was a letter from the office of Senator Barack Obama. I recently sent his office an e-mail thanking Senator Obama in regards to his position on the Federal Marriage Admendment. In addition, I also signed and had the HRC (Human Rights Campaign for those living under a rock) deliver my letter regarding this issue to the Senator's office. (Got to make my $100.00 annual donation work. If you guys don't currently give to a g life org, start today- I give to three to four a year- only a hundred bucks a peice but hey I give what I can. So at any rate, I got a lettr from the Senator this morning and it was just thanking me for my recent communication regarding the issue and the fact that he feels as if the Constitution should not be changed without careful and thorough public discussion and the fact that he does not support the FMA.

I thought the letter was very nice and also Barack is a man to watch out for.. Hillary Clinton might be spotting him for Vice President in '08.

Barack is just the shyt!!!!!! Got to love him.....

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Anonymous said...

I really didn't vote for him to represent Illinois. I feel his stand on this issue is not fully reflecting the views and expressing the need of the people of Illinois. According to the AFA, the majority of Illinois opposed to same-sex marriages; I am also against same-sex marriages. I am not proud to have Obama representing my State in the Senate.