Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday Night

Well, it's Saturday and there's so much going on in Chi and what am I doing?
I'm sitting at home listening to Nancy Wilson drinking a beer
- ain't that some shyt-

Well, told myself that I wasn't going to overwork this weekend- especially since this is my last holiday weekend until Thanksgiving, although I'm going to go the the Million More March and possible with some SGL brothas

- don't know thinking about it-

I never have been in that situation before and thinking about it makes me a lil nervous but it's more about what people are going to think of me and the fact that people will know that I'm "gay" because I will be walking with the other brothas with the banners--- but don't you think it's so cute when u see the pride parades and there's two masculine brothas walking together hand in hand- (Nancy is singing with my lover beside me- so ironic)

At any rate, on this Saturday night I find myself enjoying the comfort and company of myself and my lil bad ass puppy who decided to try and shyt in my kitchen right after I took him out for a walk

- so you know I had to beat that ass-

Well, i beat his lil ass and then made him go to bed- I let him sit and that damn kennel for like 15 minutes and then let him out and gave him some puppy food mixed with mac n cheese and ground beef for dinner- he needs to pick his weight up- and who would know my lil ass dog would like mac n fucking cheese- and shyt it's made by my mom- she made a big ass pan before she left, I've been eating that shyt for going on a week- nothing like home cooked food-

Well, really aint got much to say- figured I'd blog for tha sake of blogging keeps me off A4A and other sites-- soo....


KneeDeep said...

Nice blog my man, thank god for puppies, on lonely nights. I did not do that much myself this weekend, and now back to the grind. Enjoyed your post so stop by my place sometime.

The LoveHater said...

okay, that's why your dog is shytin all the time all over the giving him mac n cheese! stop now! consult a vet! I gave my puppy milk when we first got him and he would shyt like 3 three times over night and we had to keep him in the basement cus he couldnt hold it. That gives them irritable bowl syndrome or something. Stick to puppy chow.