Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Beginning of a New Cocoon

Man, I think I'm about to prepare for this Winter's hiberanation and like every year I'm surrounded by emptiness, loenliness that yearns to drive me insane, but like every year I fight it- so anyway, tonight I attended a dinner and play at the Goodman Theatre- rub elbows with the theatre folk, saw alot of directors, actors, producers, and such- and it's always a blessing to be able to attend this events-

Tonight, as always I got my picture taken and when the guy showed me the picture I was like OMG I really look like a niggah- this reaction is basically based on the fact that I'm letting my hair grow out, so I'm not the usual well kept short or bald cut young man anymore- obvously not, because instead of the normal oh your so handsome, tonight i got your beard is so cute- obvously a lil discord about the fuzzy, although picked out mop on the top of my head- Well i cant lie and say the thought of just running home and cutting my hair didn't cross my mind several times tonight= you know it would help me fit in alot better and of course its playing it safe and i always do look fly with a fresh haircut-

Well, anyway tonight i decided that I'm just going to look a lil not ordanirary cute until i can get my hair cornrowed or twisted or something- in the meantime, i'm just going to be a hairy looking cattepillar- and for now that just what it's going to have to be


Unconquerable Soul said...

hmmmm, i'm sure you still looked handsome

ClayStarr said...

hey mr. fuzzy...can't wait to see you.