Wednesday, September 21, 2005


My lil sister posted this on her blog- i'm just sharing it wit yall-

Love sucks and fairytales aren't true.

Remember when you were little and you would think, "This is how I'm going to grow up. My prince will come to rescue me and we'll live happily ever after in the hills with seven beautiful children." Well guess what? That's never going to happen.

In real life, hearts get broken, princesses never get resuced, princes never come, families get torn apart, and there are NEVER any happily ever afters. NEVER.Love sucks and fairytales aren't true.

Remember when you were little and you used to dream? You used to dream of being a star and going somewhere in life and no guy was ever going to stop you, no matter how beautiful he was. And then you grew up, and here he comes, that wonderful boy who stole your heart. But he didn't turn out to be the guy you wanted him to be, he didn't turn out to be the prince who was supposed to rescue you. You never got to be that star, you're dreams crashed as soon as he entered your life. And you never looked back because of love. But that love failed, just as the rest had.

Love sucks and fairytales aren't true.

So many love song have been written, for that special someone who barely notices you. Must I spill my heart out in a million different ways to get your attention? Must I scream until I am out of breath, tears running down my face with such anger, hurt, desperation, of a love gone unnoticed? The girls like me never get noticed. The pretty, smart, nice girls who will do anything just for you to notice us. Can't you see? Can't you see just how much I actually yearn for you? It's the nice girls who always finish last. It's the nice girls who always get hurt. Don't give me shit about the nice guys because they do eventually get someone, even if it doesn't last for long. I want something to last...I'm sick of waiting but I'll wait. I'm sick of getting hurt but it always happens. I'm sick of being in love with someone who doesn't care about me half as much as I care about them. I'm sick of crying over you, and thinking about you, and just I'm sick of you. But you're my favorite drug and I can't get enough. I just can't get enough.

Remind me to never fall in love again.

Remind me to never fall in love again.
Love sucks and fairytales are not true.


Ladynay said...

We have all felt that at one time or another...and yeah fairytales don't come true...not in the long run.

The LoveHater said...

They don't always turn out how you want them...and no they don't always last, but life is full of love & fairytales, you just gotta believe and take them as they come... -TLH

prodigalsun said...

I dont know... call me the eternal optimist... but despite having my heart broken, I still believe in fairytales... they may not work out exactly as your dreams, but childhood dreams are one dimensional. No one argues... no one fights in those happily ever after couples. In real life, love is work. And despite my previous failed attempts, I still believe that one day it will work out.